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Unable to restore SDCard backup

So as an experiment, I attempt to backup a 32 GB SDCard and then restoring it to another card, it did not work, even if it's another sdcard with the same capacity. I think this is because different 32 gb card may have slightly different storage. size. I tried to resize the partition, but the partition is ext4 so I cannot resize it. How do you restore such a backup to a new card?


  • @Paulsiu, What error did you get when you restore the backup of the SD Card?
    Btw, is there a system on the SD card? or only data files?
  • I believe the error is:

    Information code 8:Partition table overlap & the following operations will stop. Reboot computer recommended.

    I think the issue is that I am trying to restore a 32Gb sdcard image. Even though both cards are 32 Gb, there is probably some sort of size differences even if it's only a few bytes. I am guessing  that one of the partition is too large and because the partition is ext4, AOMEI may not be able to resize it.

  • @Paulsiu, For Exte partition, it will use sector-by-sector backup way. That's to say, it will back up all sectors whether used or not. So, it must be restored to the same or bigger disk. And, our software currently doesn't support resizing ext4 partition.
    But, we can't confirm the exact reason that caused error code 8. Could you try to restore to a big disk to check if you will get the error again?
  • Even when I restore it to a bigger disk, it still do not boot properly. I don't know if the boot record for linux system just don't get saved properly. In any case, I encountered similar issues in the past, so I am thinking that AOMEI's may not work for backing up linux SDcards. I end up using w32 disk imager.
  • @Paulsiu, Our software currently doesn't support Linux system backup and restore. We will add the feature in the future.
  • You can try reinstall SD card driver then SD card will run and you can backup from SD card.
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