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When would you use System backup in Backupper

For AOMEI Backupper, you can image using either a disk or system backup. The disk backup will backup the entire volume. The system backup only handles the system partitions. How would you use system backup? Wouldn't you still end up with an incomplete backup?


  • If drive C was all that your system had then you would have a EFI partition, a drive C partition, and a recovery partition.  Selecting a system backup would automatically include each of these partitions which would be a complete and bootable backup.  On the other hand supposed you wanted to divide your main partition into two equal parts.  You would have a EFI partition, a drive C partition, a drive C partition, and a recovery partition.  If you attempted to perform a system backup then the information contained in drive D would not be included.  Instead you would have to used the disk backup option to backup all of the partitions.
  • Thanks, so in specific circumstances, a system backup is a full backup, but why do we even have a system backup? Wouldn't a disk backup be enough? In what use cases would you create a system backup?
  • @Paulsiu, System backup will back up system partitions only. Disk backup will back up all partitions, including system partitions.
    If you want to back up system partitions only, you should use system backup.
    If you want to all partitions on the disk, you should use the disk backup.
    When your disk only has system partitions, you can select system or disk backup. They can achieve the same purpose.
    When you want to do back up for data partitions only, you should select partition backup or disk backup.
  • So if you have a system where you have a separate system and data partition (the user directory is on a different partition or disk, you can technically setup a system backup on the system partition and a partition backup on the data partition? There isn't that much of a difference between the backup since they are all technically image backups?
  • @Paulsiu, System backup will automatically detect system-related partitions as sources to back up.
    Generally, if you want to back up data partition only, you can use partition backup. You need to select the data partition manaully.
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