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Aomei Backupper with decrypted bitlocker

I have used 150GB of my 1TB HDD, the Drive is encrypted by bitlocker, but it is unlocked during the backup. If I do a partition backup the size of the Backup is 150GB. If I use "backup files" instead of "backup partition" the backup file is smaller.

Is this the expected behaviour? Why can't aomei compress the backup if the drive is encrypted? Is it a Bug? 


  • @BackMeUp, Could you check if you select "Make an Exact Backup" under Options-->Backup Mode?
    And, please also check which the compression way you select?
  • Compression is set to normal and Exact copy is not enabled. It looks like the "backup files" failed to backup some large files. This is the reason why the size differs. Maybe normal compression mode is just to low for my needs or that all larger files could not be compressed by the algorithm. 
  • @BackMeUp, Generally, the partition backup should be smaller. Could you offer us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check the problem?
  • Does bitlocker support compression and scheme backup for bitlocker protect drives in general? 
  • @BackMeUp, Yes, it supports compression and scheme backup for BitLocker encryption partition. But, you need to type into the password to decrypt the partition before back up. Or else, it will use back up all sectors, whether used or not.
  • I uninstalled Aomei, installed it again amd created a fresh backup. I cant' explain why, bit it worked immediately with compression. 
  • @BackMeUp, It is strange. If you get the problem again, please contact us to check it further.
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