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AOMEI part assisant add unknown drives ??

I have 4 drives, two NVMe, one SATA SSD and one HDD
Windows diskpart shows these 4 disks and their partitions ok

But Aomei Partitions assistant show 2 more disks (one 20 GB one 116 GB), I have no idea of what they are !!?? 


  • @Pdf, Could you take screenshots of Windows Disk Management and Partition Assistant so that we check?
    You can press Win+R, and then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
  • Hi
    here it is


    This morn I have an additional unknown 7th drive lol

  • Bump, as I had no reply...

    It changes from day to day lol, but Aomei Partition still shows me additional phantom drives...

  • @Pdf, It seems that you are using an old version. Please download the latest version to use:
    And, please still use your license code to register.
    Did you mean that your computer doesn't have disk 5 and disk 6?Could you reboot the computer to check again?
    If you still get the situation, could you send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Partition Assistant?
  • pdfpdf
    edited June 2021
    Ok did the update

    Still have 1 phantom disk #4 that don't exist :smile:

    And AOMEI also finds a 3rd partition on my C: drive (16MB) that Win10 don't see neither !

    AOMEI Part assistant screen https://imgur.com/a/q74ujTv
    Win10 disk manager : https://imgur.com/a/k4U7Vw4

    this  MSFTXVDD (GPT Disk) is the phantom one

    Partition Assistant log is as follows: 

    ====================== System Information ======================
    Module Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Partition Assistant\PartAssist.exe
    Product Name: Windows 10 Home
    Service Package: 
    OS Version: 6.3
    Total Memory: 32711 MB
    Available Memory: 25428 MB
    System Root: C:\Windows
    Processor Architecture: AMD64
    Processor Number: 24
    Current Time: 2021-6-22 13:15:40

    [0       ]Utility.cpp(318): 64-bit operating system.
    AOMEI Partition Assistant 9.2.1 Professional Edition
    [0       ]disk.cpp(169) Disk0 is removble use?0
    [0       ]disk.cpp(169) Disk1 is removble use?0
    [0       ]disk.cpp(169) Disk2 is removble use?0
    [0       ]disk.cpp(169) Disk3 is removble use?0
    [87      ]disk.cpp(632): Failed to ReadFile in _IsOfflineDisk.
    [0       ]disk.cpp(169) Disk4 is removble use?0
    [0       ]fatlabel.cpp(184): Failed to get label for FAT32.
    [1       ]part.cpp(602): Other file system.

    //////////////////////////// Reload Disk Information ////////////////////////////

    Disks Summary:
    Disk Index Total Sector Geometry Product Name
    ---------- ------------ -------- ------------
    0 1953525168 (931.51GB) (121601,255,63,512) Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB (GPT Disk)
    1 7814037168 (3726.02GB) (486401,255,63,512) TOSHIBA HDWE140 (GPT Disk)
    2 3907029168 (1863.02GB) (243201,255,63,512) WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0 (GPT Disk)
    3 976773168 (465.76GB) (60801,255,63,512) Sabrent Rocket 4.0 500GB (GPT Disk)
    4 430701 (1.64GB) (26,255,63,4096) MSFTXVDD (GPT Disk)

    Partitions Summary:
    Disk Partition Drive Letter File System Total Sector Used Sector Free Sector Partition Status Pri/Log DBR Start Sector End Sector      MBR Start Sector Cluster Size Volume Label
    ---- --------- ------------ ----------- ------------ ----------- ----------- ---------------- ------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------ ------------
    0 1 G: NTFS(3.1)    1953519615 (931.51GB) 71845304   (34.26GB) 1881674311 (897.25GB) None                GPT,Data 2048            1953521663     (121601,25,24) 0           (0,32,33) 8 Samsung_860_DATA_SSD

    1 1 E: NTFS(3.1)    7814031359 (3726.02GB) 1814610888 (865.27GB) 5999420471 (2860.75GB) None                GPT,Data 2048            7814033407     (486401,21,20) 0           (0,32,33) 8 Toshiba_X300_Storage

    2 1 D: NTFS(3.1)    3907023023 (1863.01GB) 1932808560 (921.63GB) 1974214463 (941.38GB) None                GPT,Data 2048            3907025071     (243201,15,62) 0           (0,32,33) 8 WD_SN850_NVME_GAMES

    3 1 C: NTFS(3.1)    976527993  (465.64GB) 244360696  (116.52GB) 732167297  (349.12GB) Boot                GPT,Data 63              976528056      (60786,15,22) 0           (0,1,1) 8 Sabrent_NVME_Win10
    3 2 *: FAT32        204800     (100.00MB) 64658      (31.57MB) 140142     (68.43MB) Sys                  GPT,EFI 976531504      976736303      (60799,5,54) 0           (60786,70,5) 2
    3 3 *: Other        32768      (16.00MB) 0          (0KB) 32768      (16.00MB) None                GPT,MSR 976736304      976769071      (60801,15,62) 0           (60799,5,55) 0

    4 0 *: Unallocated 430189     (1.64GB) 0          (0KB) 430189     (1.64GB) None                GPT 0              430188         (26,198,25) 0           (0,0,1) 0

    AOMEI Partition Assistant Is Working...

  • @Pdf, Did you connect any external device? 
    And, please search "CMD" at the Start menu, then run "Command Prompt" as administrator. After that, please run command:
    List disk
    And then, please take a screenshot to us.
  • pdfpdf
    edited June 2021
    I don't have any external storage, only a bunch of wireless peripherals (mouse keyboard headphones speakers) that arent storage...

    The diskpart list says I have 4 disks 


    AOMEI Part Assist has one more (as above)... I've ran "verify partition" on this , it says it's ok and according to read speed it looks like it'on my SATA Samsung SSD (because it's around 300MB/sec, whereas the HDD goes 150MB/sec and both NVMe are above 2GB/Sec when I execute this same check)

  • @Pdf, Sorry to reply to you late. According to the log, disk 4 is a virtual disk from the virtual machine(hyper-v). Is there a  virtual machine on your computer?
    And, you can check the Device Manager to see if there are 5 disks. 
    As for 16 MB partition, it is MSR partition. Generally, windows disk management doesn't show MSR partition.
  • Well, I've never installed any virtual stuff afaik, and device manager only shows my 4 "real" drives...
    How could I check this ??
  • @Pdf, Please right-click "This PC", then click "Manage"-->"Device Manager", select "Drives", then take a screenshot to us.
  • pdfpdf
    edited June 2021
    Okay... here it is
    The 2 first are auto explained, the 3rd one is a Toshiba X300 HDD, the last one a WD NVMe SN850  2TB
  • @Pdf, Could you allow us to offer remote on your computer to check the problem?
  • Yeah,  I'm on CET time zone, what are your work hours ?
  • @Pdf, Could you do the remote at 9:00 AM Monday(your time)? If yes, we will contact you at that time via email.
  • yep will work thx
  • Hi Admin
    didn't get any email pls confirm a new slot ^^
  • @Pdf, Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you do the remote at 9:00 AM tomorrow? We will contact you via forum message for the remote ID and password. Is it ok?
  • Not possible for me tom and Thursday, only from Friday on, would that work for friday 9th of July 9 am ?
  • @Pdf, Ok. We will contact you at friday 9th of July 9 am.
  • Ok good thx :)

  • pdfpdf
    edited July 2021
    Thx for the remote, phantom drive is  explained

    It was a XVD virtual drive, from what I've read it's linked to Xbox stuff, I do have xbox pass since not long so it should have been it

    Your support disabled it, but I've relaunched a couple Xbox pass games and behold it created new XVD drives ! Noone knows what it does exactly it seems... thanks MS^^

    But now you'll know if ever other users see them

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