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Cloning just Windows Partition from large SSD to small SSD

Hi All,

I have a 1TB SSD, that has a ~250GB windows partition that I want to copy to a smaller disk. I cant use the Disk clone wizard as it says that the destination disk is too small.

I managed to clone each partition individually but I am not able to boot from the destination drive. The smaller drive was connected via an external enclosure on USB.

Is this the right approach or is there a better way to do this?


  • edited June 2021
    How are you trying to boot the os on disk2?

    Did you add boot menu entry?
    Assign a drive letter to disk2 partition1 e.g. letter S
    Open an admin command prompt and type:
    bcdboot G:\windows /s S:
    then press enter

  • @Vaibhavgarg, If you want to clone system partitions only, you can use the system migration feature. But, you need to upgrade to the paid edition for migration your system partitions from the GPT disk to another GPT disk.
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