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Simple backup required

I'm sure there MUST be a simple solution, but I just can't find it. I'm using Backupper Standard edition, and I have a folder E:\Docs, and a copy of it on a removable drive X:\Docs. I wish to update the copy using Backupper Standard. However, instead of updating the files on the backup drive, Backupper insists on creating a new folder X:\E\Docs and copying everything into it. What am I doing wrong?


  • @Mcam, Did you use the Basic Sync feature? The Sync will copy the whole source folder. So, it will create the source folder under the target path. 
    Based on your purpose, we suggest that you can select E:\Docs as the source, and X: as the target path. So, it will sync files from E:\Docs to X:\Docs. 
  • Thanks, that works fine. But now if I want to sync the files on E: with a backup copy I keep on an external drive X:, Backupper will create a folder called E on drive X:, rather than sync all the files on E: with the files on X:. Is there a way to avoid this with using a partition backup?

  • @Mcam, Because there is Docs folder under X: drive, so the sync will not create a new Docs folder. Then, it will copy data from E:\Docs to X:\Docs.
    But, it can't sync data from E: to X:. Because the sync will create the source folder under target path. So, it needs to create a E folder under X: .
    Partition Backup will back up your data to an image file. 
    Maybe you can use Partition Clone Feature, it will clone all data from E: drive to X:drive. But, clone feature can't suport schedule.
  • Thanks for your clarification.
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