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Please Help!! How to recover hard drive after AOMEI NTFS to fat32 conversion error.

I was trying to convert my 1.5tb hardisk from NTFS to fat32 but by mistake I plugged the external hard drive out in the middle of the process. Afterwards when I try to open my hard disk it shows inaccessible and the storage of hard drive as 0 bytes. Please tell me how to recover it because it contained important documents. I tried to go back from Fat32 to NTFS but it didn't list my device in connected devices.


  • @Abhineet, Did you mean that the 1.5tb hardisk show inaccessible? or the external hard drive?
     Could you take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management or Partition Assistant  so that we check the hard disk?
  • @admin external hard disk shows inaccessible and windows disk manage shows raw hard drive.
  • @Abhineet, Did you mean that you connect the external drive when the NTFS/FAT32 conversion process of another disk starts?
    Could you reboot the computer, and then connect the external drive again to check if it is normal? In addition, you can run Partition Recovery Wizard to check if it can find your lost partitions.
    In addition, please send us log folder under the installation directory of Partition Assistant so that we check?
  • @admin No I was converting my external hard drive to fat32, but in the middle process I pulled the same external hard drive by mistake. After reboot the same error "H: is inaccessible or is corrupt" is displayed when trying to open the drive from windows explorer.
  • @Abhineet, Please try to use Partition Recovery Wizard of AOMEI Partition Assistant to check if it can scan the original partition.
  • @admin
    Log is attached.
    I will try partition recovery wizard and inform you.
    Thanks for helping 

  • @admin But Partition Recovery Wizard requires Pro version. I have only free version.
  • @Abhineet, The free edition can scan partitions. Have it scanned the original partition?  

  • @admin Yes it shows that 300gb of files are present but the hard drive is inaccessible.
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