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Relativ new to AOMEi, How to set up Sync optimal without endangering file loss

Hello everybody
I have been using Aomei for 6 Months now and I have been synchronizing some Folders with my NAS with the Two-Way Sync option. I almost never changed stuff in the destination directory so mirror sync would also have been OK.

But now I am changing my setup and I purchased additional licenses.
I will use two devices, which both will be set up with the AOMEI Sync with the NAS as a central sync.

So If I Add Files A, B, C to device 1 it will also Sync to the NAS and then to Device 2 since the two-way Sync will be eneabled.

But my concern is If I modify File A on Device 1, and Later also modifiy File A on device 2, how will the Sync happend. Does AOMEI check which files is newer or last modified? In my example my concern is that The NAs will be synced with device 2 if first connected, and if I connect only later device 1 that does it overwrite my newer file because I also connected it later?

Also I have the same concerns regarding deletion and addition of files.

Is the two- Way Sync the best option for my setup ? (2 machines and one NAS?)

Would very much appreciate an advice,
Thanks in Advance and best regards


  • @Krs7, What sync way did you use to sync betweene device 1 and NAS?
    Do you want to keep the same changes between device 1 and device 2?
    Or sync the changs files from device 1 to device 2?
    Could you give us a detailed description of the purpose you want to achieve?
  • I habe been using the two-way sync between the device 1 and the NAS.
    Yes, I want to keep the device 1 and device 2 synchronized and all having the same files: NAS, device 1 and 2. so the NAS would be here the link between the 2 devices.

    My concern was that if I make an update on file A or Folder A on device 1 and LATER an update/change on file/Folder A on device B, than I asked myself what would be synchronized to the NAS.

    IF I would connect the device 1 here first - then all the changes would be updates chronologically.
    BUT what would happend if I connect the device 2 to the network and the NAS first and THEN the device 1? Would it first synchronize the second update and then the first? Then I would lose the very last change. 

    Like I said- my goal is to see the changes on device 1 also on device 2 and keep the NAS as backup

  • @Krs7, Based on your purpose, we suggest that you can create a two-way sync task from device 1 to device 2. You can share device 2, then run software on device 1 to create the sync task, and set the shared drive of device 2 as the destination.
    And, you also can create basic sync from device 1 to NAS so that it can sync data of device 1 to the NAS.
  • Thanks again for the tipp.
    This option did not occur to me because I did not know I can sync 2 devices with each other.
    Of course, know I realize that sharing the folders would make it possible to sync.

    So I also realized that the I have bought 2 licenses and the extra license is not needed for now. Do you think a refund s possible if I just used one license ? 
    thanks , best regards
  • @Krs7, We check that you purchase the two licenses via "Buy 1 get 1 free". So, we can't handle a half refund.
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