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Alternate Datastreams

AOMEI Backupper does not save alternate Datastreams bound to local files, the result is it destroys encrypted files. The backupsoftware I use encrypts filebased and the keys are stored in an alternate datastream. Aomei just cuts them of and now there lost. Its a pitty, I tried the open source duplicati and they do include this data. After some research it should be common sense to include them into a backup. Why dont you do this, so one year worth of backups are unusable cause AOMEI backs up files wihout encryption info...


  • @Nasten, Did you mean that you use AOMEI Backupper to back up the encrypted files? Which software did you use to encrypt files?
    Our program currently doesn't support backing up encrypted files. You need to first decrypt them.
  • Tetraguard is the Software I Use. Yeah would be great to know before buying 3 Copies and wasting a half year on backups. I will note that under poor performance. I definitely will not recommend this software.
  • @Nasten, We have submitted the problem to our dev team. We will supports encrypted files in the future.
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