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Backupper Pro failed system clone

After attempting to reinstall Windows 10 from a system clone made with Backupper Pro I can no longer boot up properly. I’m stuck in bios. It took awhile to get bios to see the external drive with the system clone on it, but it still won’t boot. 

I have an external drive with 2 partitions created by Backupper Pro, one has the Windows boot drive and the other has the system image file. And I’m using the same computer the system image was made from. 
Why did Backupper fail to complete the task? 


  • @FalcoreM
    "one has the Windows boot drive and the other has the system image file."---Did you perform the system clone? or system backup?
    If you perform a system clone to an external disk, please connect the cloned disk as an internal drive, then set it to boot under BIOS. Or, you can connect the cloned drive to the slot of the source disk to replace, then boot.
    If it still can't boot, please take a photo the boot error. And then, please boot from the source disk, and connect the target disk, then take a screenshot of windows disk management so that we check. You can press Win+R, then run "diskmgmt.msc' to open windows disk management.
  • Thanks for your response, although I just ended up doing a clean reinstall using a bootable USB drive after hours of trouble shooting. 
    I did the system clone. It created two partitions on my portable USB drive, one of them looked like some sort of boot drive for installing Windows but it didn’t work. 
    Tbh, I’m going to stay away from this feature. It was my first time attempting to clone a system drive and it did not go well at all. 
    If AOMEI were to provide a decent step by step video guide then maybe I’ll try it again. Thx
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