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Inacessible boot device after System Restore


Please help me. A year ago I performed a Windows System Backup Image with Aomei Backupper Pro.
Now I had a brand new ssd to install windows 10, during the initial setup it cannot find the disk so I changed it from MBR to GPT if i recall correctly. I'm telling this because just maybe I shouldn't change it? Anyway, after finally shoving a clean install on fresh windows 10 copy to my new SSD, I wanted to restore the backup image. So I did
However, after I turned on my PC I was greeted by continuous Blue Screen of Death. The error was "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE". 

Since then I had attempted to repeatedly restore the windows' boot record either via cmd or by inserting bootable flashdisk containing Aomei partition manager standard. Basically Google is my friend hahah. 


I performed the number 4 solution (repair MBR) because I'm not really understanding the first 3 option. However windows still failed to boot completely. At this point I got so frustrated and after trying to change the disk type from MBR to GPT and back to MBR, its gotten worse; Windows logo didn't show up, only a black screen containing the text " reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". That was the screen I got when my old ssd dead (unrecognized name in BIOS).  And thus I deleted all partition on my SSD and create it a new and back to fresh windows 10. Sorry for being so roundabout...

I kinda confused on how to proceed from here.  Should I try following the instructions here 

Which kinda the same processes that I did; only the last part suggested fixing boot problems with different software 
  • Restore system under WinPE:
If the PC fails to boot or has been crashed, you need to create a WinPE bootable media with AOMEI Backupper and boot your PC into WinPE to run the system restore.
So,,, is this the proper step, or is there anything else I should be aware of?

Hope you can help me :)


  • @Woowooindo,  Did you use the new SSD on the same computer that you create the backup? The original system disk that you created backup still is bootable? If yes, you can boot from the original system disk to run AOMEI Backupper, then restore to the SSD again. Before restore, please delete all partition on the SSD, and convert the SSD to the same disk format (GPT or MBR) as the source one. After restore, please connect the restored SSD as internal drive and set it to boot.
    If there is no system running on the computer, please create and boot the computer from WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Backupper to do restore.
    If you want to restore the image on a new computer, or, you have changed the motherboard of the original computer, please use universal restore.
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