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Backupper - Clone frozen - need help to save my source disk

Backupper Pro

 (UEFI System) Cloning internal 3TB GPT (Win 10) disk to new 2TB disk in Docking Station - from a Windows 7 Disk (No SSD disks!)

Got to 34% and stayed there for two days with no apparent movement (No CPU usage)

Details view shows..... Moving Data: 47.22GB/1435.63GB  Speed: 1.21MB/s  Remaining: 326hr  (never changing)

I chose to Cancel. Got Confirmation message but no other reaction. Target disk not visible and Source disk showing white cross in red circle. Have now switched off docking station but don't want to lose my Windows 10 System so am reluctant to just crash out of Backupper. Is there a way to release the Win 10 disk?:  I can open it,  and all folders are present but, when I try to open any of them, Explorer crashes and other Disk Managers won't open. I just want to regain control of the W10 disk.


  • @TomDickHarri, What mean is "from a Windows 7 Disk (No SSD disks!)"?  Did you boot from the win10 system to do the clone? 
    "Target disk not visible and Source disk showing white cross in red circle."---Could you take a screenshot so that we check? 
    And, please use disk tool (such as HDTune or MHDD) to check if there are bad sectors on your disks.
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