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Migrating Windows 10 to 4Tb mirrored drives

I have a working Windows 10 system on a 2Tb basic disk.
I have backupper and partition assistant.
I have two new 4Tb drives that I would like to operate as a mirrored pair.
Is there a sequence of actions that I can perform that will migrate my system to the new disks?   Everything I have tried so far seems to hit a restriction.  I do not want to have to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch if that can possibly be avoided.

I would also have liked to partition the mirrored volume but I suspect that is not possible at all.  Is that correct?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


  • @Freejon, Are you using hardware raid 1? or, are they dynamic mirror volumes?
  • They are dynamic mirror volumes
  • I believe that I have the option of setting RAID 1 mode in the BIOS (X470-PRO).  Would that make this process easier? 

  • @Freejon, Our program currently doesn't support migrate system to the dynamic disk. If you have the hardware raid 1, our programs support cloning system to it.
  • Thanks.  I will try that.
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