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Aomei Partition Assistant and exFAT

I wanted to move data on an external SD card of my Android phone to a bigger SD card, so I used dd (from cygwin) to backup the SD card and write it to the bigger one. However, when I wanted to extend the 32 GB partition to the full 128 GB space, resize didn't work.

On https://www.diskpart.com/articles/resize-exfat-partition-1881.html, there is a very time-consuming procedure to extend exFAT by converting it to NTFS, re-partition and then convert to exFaAT again. That defies my purpose, as all data gets deleted in the process. Why can't Aomei Partition Assistant resize exFAT. Is it true that this program can only do what regular Windows Disk Management can do too?

I now used DiskGenius from EASSOS for that purpose which effortlessly extended the partition without losing any data. I feel this is a very serious shortcoming of APA and urge you to do something about this functionality.


  • @Druftiacto, AOMEI Partition Assistant currently doesn't support resizing exfat partition. We will add the feature in the future.
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