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PC SSD clone to notebook SSD without removing SSD from notebook


is there are chance with backupper pro to clone the SSD of my PC with Win 10 to the SSD of my new notebook without opening the case of the notebook and removing the SSD for cloning?

SSD from PC is MBR boot format and SSD in the notebook is new GBT boot format.

Thanks for advice/experience in advance


  • @Randnik, Do you want to clone the system disk of a computer to another computer(laptop) to use? If yes, you can try to do a system or disk backup on the PC, then universal restore to the laptop.
    As for universal restore, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/how-to-operate-universal-restore.html
  • Thanks for the tip!
    Do I need then a 2nd license of backupper pro on the notebook to do so as I got only a license for my PC ?
  • @Randnik, You can create the Winpe bootable media of AOMEI Backupper pro and use it on the notebook to do restore. But, you also only can use the WinPE media on one PC.
  • Another question: will conversion from SSD with GBR to Notebook SSD with GBT also work with universal restore?
  • @Randnik, You can restore the MBR backup image to a GPT disk. If you also want to use MBR on the notebook please convert it from GPT to MBR, and then do the restore.
    In addition, please note that the GPT system disk needs to use UEFI boot mode, while the MBR disk uses Legacy boot mode. So, please select the corresponding boot mode under BIOS when you boot the WinPE drive and the restored disk.
  • Thanks for the answer !
    what about the need for a potential second license on the notebook to execute universal restore on the notebook?
  • @Randnik, If you want to run AOMEI Backupper on the notebook, you might need to purchase a license code again.
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