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Cloned an M.2 SATA Win10 volume to an NVME, got an INCACCESIBLE BOOT DEVICE error, partially solved


I cloned my boot volume which was on a M.2 SATA SSD to an M.2 NVME.

After the cloning I couldn't boot, I got an INCACCESIBLE BOOT DEVICE error while booting.

After some searching I found out that it was due to my old drivers that were used with the SATA M.2 drive and were not compatible with the NVME.

So I booted into safe mode, with the hope of uninstalling the Intel SATA drivers, but couldn't do it since the uninstallers of Intel did not work in safe mode.

However to my surprise after that I restarted my PC the NVME drive started booting normally.

I think Windows must have recognized in safe mode which drivers to load for the NVME drive and started using the correct drivers from that point on.

So anyone having and INCACCESIBLE BOOT DEVICE error: just boot into safe mode and restart your pc.

However I checked which drivers I'm using currently, these are the standard Microsoft drivers and they seem to be pretty old (2006):

I'd like to know if there are newer drivers that would work with my SSD, I don't want to risk reinstalling the Intel drivers as they might break the boot sequence again.

But I'm thinking about creating a restore point and trying the Intel drivers as a last chance.

Does anyone have a better suggestion?

My mobo is an Asrock z370m-itx.


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