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AOMEI PE Builder issue

I am trying to use AOMEI PE Builder in order to install an external file but without success and getting the windows:
 " Failed to initialize WinPE integrated environment. Please restart your computer and retry.
    Process failed.". My 
PC is using Windows 10 Home (V. 20H2) x 64
I reinstalled the program three times, same failure.

some months ago, I used it on my old computer (using Windows 7 x32) and it worked fine.
What was wrong?


  • @Samy, What external file did you install? How did you install the external file?
    Could you take a photo of the error window so that we check further?
  • HI
    the external file I am willing to install is Drive Snapshotx64
    the error window I got every time (with the Drive Snapshot Added and with no additional added files) is

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