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Backupper ver6.4 PE build

Need clarification.Please
O/S win10 pro with latest updates.
Aomei backupper pro .Ver6.4
When building v2 PE to usb  i have noticed several discussions stating that the PE built disc does not include as native support for wireless keyboards nor mouse.
Questions are .,
Once  booted with Aomei PE so as  to gain access to back ups on saved disc ,the PE envirenment interface will not allow me to navigate unless i have a wired keyboard and mouse connected to PC. (im not good at navigating screen via keyboard only)
If correct ,where and what drivers should i add to PE build.
Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse  or usb3 devices  and instruction directions would be helpful at this point (noted add drivers inclusion box/field)
Many thanks in advance


  • @Vcom, The WinPE of AOMEI Backupper doesn't support integrating the drivers of wireless keyboards and mouse. You can try to add the drivers of keyboards and mouse manually when you create the WinPE. Then, boot winpe to check again.
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