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Clone to ssd will not boot

I have a Dell Inspiron 3451 laptop. I cloned the original hard drive to a new Samsung SSD. I changed to the new ssd and it will not boot. All I see is the Dell splash screen. Usually after you see Dell a progress wheel will circle and windows will open. I have enclosed a screenshot of the Disk Manager. I am wondering if it has something to do with the EFI System Partition. I have the free version of Backeruper. Do I need to run the trial version to make this work?


  • same problem with clone from sata 3,5 to sata 2,5 drives, both of  500gb
    any clue?
  • Well just got some information. I called Samsung about there data migration tool and they told me it may not work with 40mb OEM partition. If it doesn't I may have to reinstall operating system on ssd instead of cloning it. If that's the problem can Aomei help with that?
  • I wonder why I'm not getting any response to my post? 
  • Did you follow the step 1. first connect SSD to your computer and make sure that it can be recognized by Windows ? 

  • Well yes I think so. I remember I had to initialize it. I think windows would see it after that. Maybe I should try it again. 
  • @Mike50, Sorry to reply to you late. Could you try to do the clone again with sector-by-sector way?
  • Run into this often...easy fix.  Change your bios boot either from uefi to legacy, keep uefi and check the box to use Legacy too (Dell), or change from legacy to uefi.  Just depends on what your sytems original image was built with.  Once you make that single bios change, save and reboot - bam...your cloned os boots np.
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