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Can I safely rename these incremental files?

Hello. I used Backupper on my now failed old computer. I have a full disk backup saved from the 23rd, and a total of 9 incremental backups over the next few days. The first 3 incremental files are in FOLDER A and named file, file1 and file 2. The last 6 are in FOLDER A / subFOLDER B and named file, file1.... file5. By their modified dates, I could easily reorder and rename these, but don't want to make a mistake:

I need to restore this backup to a new computer. Could you tell me the safest way to rename and order these files based on how Backupper works best? Or are these filenames and locations an issue that can't be sorted? 

Thank you for you help.


  • Update. I didn't need to rename any of my files after all. I had previously tried to get Backupper to save to a different location and ended up confusing it, giving me a whole new set of incremental files. It is likely a settings issue and I will play with the settings more to fix that. I realized that in FOLDER A / subFOLDER B, the first incremental file was a full disk backup, and that's how Backupper labeled it upon merging those files (so these 6 files are my complete set). File ("file") is also nearly the same size as the full disk backup done before it. The merge went smoothly and my backup is in progress. I am hopeful of a successful move. Thank you for your help.

    This may be obvious to some, but it will hopefully assist someone.
  • @Ilran, The first incremental is based on the full backup, then the second incremental backup is based on the first incremental backup... So, please save backups of the same task to the same path. 
    When you restore, you don't need to order the incremental backups, only select an incremental backup to restore. It will restore to the status when you create the incremental backup file.
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