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Differential Backup Plan for 30days backup - how?

I have a simple task to do, but I don't know how to do this in Backuper Technician Plus.
I want to have diferential plan like this:

1.Full Backup (on sunday) -> 6 differential backups (from monday to saturday) -> 2.Full backup (on sunday) -> 6 differential backups (from monday to saturday) -> 3.Full backup (on sunday)-> 6 differential backups (from monday to saturday) -> 4.Full backup (on sunday) -> 6 differential backups (from monday to saturday) -> Delete first differential backup (monday) from 1. backup set -> 5.Full backup (on sunday) -> Delete secound differential backup (tuesday) from 1. Backup set -> Create differential backup (on tuesday) -> Delete third differential backup (wednesday) from 1.backup set -> Create differential backup (on Wednesday) -> etc.

In other words, I want to have backups for the whole month in 4 sets (each set is 1 full backup + 6 differential).

Is there any solution for this?

I don't want to create folders with limited space because there will be more than 100 computers for backup and each has a different amount of data.
So far, I have used the free Cobian Backup 11 Gravity software and there was such a possibility (task edition-> Dynamics tab).


  • Don't tell me there is no way to do this. I just don't believe in this :smile:
  • @Ksprut, Sorry that AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support the backup scheme you said. We will optimize it after.
    Maybe you can enable our differential backup scheme with retaining 30 versions. So, it will create a full backup+29 differential backups as a set. And then, it will delete the first differential backup of the first set once the full backup of the second set is completed, then delete the second differential backup of the first set  when it complete the first different backup of the second set...
  • @Admin thanks for replay.
    I think that for security reasons of the backups, such functionality is highly recommended. If by any chance the first full backup is damaged for some reason, all 29 differential backups will be useless when trying to recover the entire system.

    The only solution that comes to my mind to somehow remedy this is, in addition to the proposed plan, to create a second one that would make a full backup every 7 days. The only question is whether then it would be possible to combine a full copy from one task with a differential copy from another task?

    Introduce the described functionality as soon as possible, because if it is in a free program like Cobian, you may be losing customers because of it.

  • @Ksprut, Sorry that it can't combine a full copy from one task with a differential copy from another task.
    As for the backup scheme you said, AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't it. But, we have the plan to develop it.
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    No laughing here... but if your data is really important...
    I actually have four platter external drives that I use for back up. Two for odd months, two for even months so you have two running at a time. Plus an internal incremental SSD 24/7. You just have to remember to swap plugs each month. Platter drives are less likely to encounter a firm wear malware attack than SSD's, and they are more resilient to problems of catastrophic board failure. (in my case, it took out my two internal SSD's (power and data cable type) and my external SSD (power and data in one cable). It was recoverable but a real mess. Luckily my platters were fine and I rebuilt my data OK with AOMEI Backupper.

    Be sure to have your download link on a flash drive, CD or somewhere along with your serial number so you can get busy reconstructing.

    Plus, they are inexpensive, and due to redundancy, refurbs are an option if you are a tightwad. 
  • Everyone uses different solutions. And no laughter, but I think any solution is good if the data can be recovered in this way. I have two NAS servers in different locations and they keep copies of local data and they periodically exchange the most important copies with each other. Additionally, some critical data is stored in the cloud. Backup software is key here. However, recently AOMEI disappoints me more and more, which I will write about in a separate thread and about which I am already in correspondence with technical support.
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