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Backup - Restore not working (Backupper Professional)

Dear Sir,

I have to create a disk image and then restore to another 10 HDD.

Source disk: 500GB UEFI / GPT disk with Windows 10 Install
Destination disks: 1TB GPT DISK (empty)

When I try to boot after restore, the windows can't boot (it starts with repairing and the blue screen - hiberfil.sys)
The windows on th source disk is normally shutted down (not hibarnated).

I think this is an easy opreation without difficulties, but it's not working.

Any idea?

Thanks for answering.

Best Regards,


  • @Iamgabor, Could you take a screenshot of the boot error so that we check further?
    And, did you perform the restore via WinPE bootable media? Or, boot from the source system to run AOMEI Backupper to do backup and restore? Did you boot the target disk on the same computer?
    Could you boot from the source disk, and connect the target one, then take a screenshot of windows disk management so that we check the layout of your disks?
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    Thanks for answering!

    I used a third computer to backup and restore. (with hdd rack)

    I tried to boot in the same computer with the target hdd. 

    What do you recommend? Is there any special option when I do the backup / restore ?
  • When I attach the HDD:

  • It looks like offlinbe. When I click "Attach":

  • @Iamgabor, "I used a third computer to backup and restore. (with hdd rack)"---Did you mean that you connect the source system disk to a third computer via USB port (with hdd rack), and run AOMEI Backupper on the third computer to create a disk backup, and then connect the target disk to restore? After that, connect the target disk to the original computer to boot?
    Could you try to directly boot from the source disk to run AOMEI Backupper, and connect the target disk to do disk clone? You can connect the target disk via USB port (with hdd rack) to the original computer, then delete all partitions on it, then do the disk clone.
    After clone, please connect the target disk as the internal drive to replace the original disk to boot.
    In addition,  when you do the clone, you can click "Edit Partitions" to resize the cloned partitions for using all space of the target disk.
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