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Backupper 6.3.0 Windows PE added drivers


I'm trying to build a bootable version of Backupper 6.3.0 with Areca drivers.
When the the Windows PE image is being built, the drivers I selected indicate on the log screen as successfully added. The drivers are WHQL Certified Windows 10 64bit.

When I boot the DVD media, the RAID controller/disk drives are not seen.

If I use the powershell from Backupper's WinPE, I'm able to manually load the drivers using drvload.exe and then 'rescan' to see the disks.

My question is why the downloaded AOMEI Windows PE environment isn't properly adding the Areca drivers?


  • @Adl3, Did you add the drivers manually via "Add Drives"? It seems that the drivers failed to be loaded when you boot into WinPE. Could you try to recreate a WinPE iso with the same steps, and then send us the ISO so that we check?
    You can upload the iso to your cloud, and then share it with us.
  • Yes, I added the drivers on the "Select Bootable Media" page using the +Add Drivers (see image 4).
    During the "Create Bootable Media" screen, the Progress clearly shows that the two drivers in questions were "successfully installed".

    As requested, I have reproduced the process taking screen shots at each step.
    You can find the .ISO file as well as a directory of 5 screen shots here:

    Please let me know if you need any further information to diagnose.

    Thank you!
  • I had a similar problem with adding network drivers not working.  I was able to add drivers to the image using powershell commands.  Search here for "inject" for a posting by me back in October for details.

    If drvload.exe is able to load the drivers, you may find it simpler to put the needed drivers in a directory on your boot media, perhaps along with a .bat file that runs drvload whatever.inf.  If you use a USB key, you can easily add drivers for other hardware this way without having to rebuild your image.  It also make for a quick way to test what files are actually needed.

    The drivers I had trouble with needed some DLLs, not just a .sys file.  I suspect the DLLs caused the problem, but I have no real evidence for this.
  • @Adl3, Could you create the WinPE ISO and send it to us? Please choose "Explore ISO File", it will generate an ISO file.
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I placed the iso file I step-wise created in dropbox (see link above).
    The file is named ampe.iso
    The folder has screen captures of the step-by-step I performed to make the .iso file.

    Please let me know if you need anything further.
  • @Adl3, Yes, we see the iso. We have submitted it to our dev team to check an analyze.
    And, could you try to use AOMEI PE Builder to create WinPE and add drivers?

  • @Admin Any word from your dev team? I have used your link to download the PEBuilder.exe file and created the ISO file with the Areca drivers. I will hopefully test with the system in question tonight. Please let me know what the dev team has found. 

    As you can see from this discussion thread, it appears that I'm not the only person having problems. See @jace and @Wssddc above!

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  • @admin Sorry to say that I’m having the same results with your PEbuilder program. It is NOT loading the drivers selected during the iso image build. As before, I can manually add the driver after booting the image. 

    I’d really appreciate to hear back from your development team what is going wrong and how to address it. 

  • Sorry, slightly off topic...

    @admin One more thing, when I open Backupper from the AOMEI PEBuilder you provided, it is indicating tat it is the trial version and I’m on Day 3 of 30. 

    If I want to use this version In the future, do I need to purchase separate Pro license to run this standalone version or can I use my existing license (loaded on my tower computer) for both?

    Also, I’m booting from a DVD, how is the license registered on a read-only media?

  • @Adl3, Could you offer us the drivers you added so that we can test further?
  • @admin There is a folder called driver located in my dropbox share with the Areca Windows 10 64bit drivers I used to build the WinPE Backupper ISO

  • @admin Any updates from your development group?

  • @Adl3, Thanks for your information. Our technicians indeed detect the problem based on your information. We will optimize it after.
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