Lenovo ThinkPad T490 boot USB AOMEI WinPE

I have a USB WinPE AOMEI, which I made on AOMEI Builder 2.0.
USB is UEFI made on RUFUS.
The USB stick work properly on a few other computers, but on the Lenovo ThinkPad T490 won't work.
The USB AOMEI system started OK, but when the desktop is about to appear WinPE, the screens make is black or show vertical lines and laptop is hangs.
I try install additional drivers to graphical card, but effect is the same.
Can You help me ?


  • Yestarday I change Rufus to hand made make USB WinPE (format USB, copying files). Efect is the same.
    USB WinPE boot in my laptop, from start after a few seconds the logo Windows is displayed, a progress bar below it.
    After another few seconds screen black lines made of "some" stamps appear on the screen, and the laptop freezes.
    When I added graphics drivers to USB (Win 10) the screen goes black instead of lines, and the laptop too freezes.
    I have no idea anymore.
    Can someone help me ?
  • @ZbigD, Did you use AOMEI PE Builder to create a WinPE ISO, and then burn it to USB via RUFUS? Or, Did you directly create a WinPE USB via AOMEI PE Builder?
    In addition, the laptop is using legacy boot mode? or UEFI mode?
  • I searched for a solution for several days and finally found it !
    Turned out to be trivial !
    The problem was the setting "Kernel DMA Protection", which levovo put in the Virtualization option.
    With this feature, the OS and the system firmware protect the system against malicious and unintended Direct Memory Access attacks for all DMA-capable devices during the boot process. This it also worked for the memory graphics card and boot e.g. AOMEI WinPE. Disabling it fixed the problem.
    Thank for your help.
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