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AOMEI Backup Assistant Pro on Windows 10 ARM

Installed AOMEI on Windows 10 ARM Lenovo 5G Flex laptop and could not boot device. Had to restore device from system image. Updated to 64bit emulation Dev version of Windows 10 ARM and application doesn't lock up machine on restart but I get a "driver error, please reinstall" message from the AOMEI app on startup. 

Does AOMEI have a Windows 10 ARM beta version of Backup Assistant Pro in the works? If so, may I have early access to use/test it?



  • @Frankofamerica, Did you use AOMEI Partition Assistant? or AOMEI Backupper? Could you take a screenshot of the error message so that we check further?
  • I have the same problem with Windows 10, 32 bit ,ARM (model Thomson NEO Z3), secure boot enabled.  Installing AOMEI backupper, it stucks on restart with Inaccesible boot device...... ........
    [On the contrary, AOMEI always worked, and works, in my "old" computer with Windows 8.1 64bit  (model LENOVO H-50..)]
    Check this.. please... and add/update some drivers in it, or I dont know.. ..for Arm 32/64bit win10/11. Thanks.
    Your backupper is the best.
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