Purchased version add: boot menu to start same version as bootable media (boot into AOMEI recovery)

Could you add some kind of method to boot into the recovery environment just like the cd/dvd/usb media.
For example, RollBack RX has a recovery console that shows briefly when the pc starts, the user can then press  [HOME] to boot into the recovery console (restore menu).

With this method the user does not have to have the usb stick constantly available, because restoring can be done through this menu. Please add this.

I could not restore a system partition when booted into windows, I was hoping after I selected the image and after the last "Ok" click AOMEI would automatically reboot and then start the restore process.

Maybe even better is that if AOMEI could provide another product, like RollBack RX which creates system snapshots which the user could restore within a minutes (often within a minute...!).


  • Hello R0n,
    You can try AOMEI OneKey Recovery to create a system backup and set the boot menu (F11). So, when your system is damaged,  you can press F11 into AOMEI Recovery Environment to do restore. For more details, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/onekey/help/
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