error during network restore- error number 32781

I am using image deploy, i have setup a server with samba to handle the image storage.

I can map the drive from my windows clients, from there I can read and write files to the drive. image deploy can see the drive, and the file. I use the DHCP on the image deply, the target computer boots, gets to the aomei screen like it should, then I tell the image deploy to start the deploy and I get  "Restore Failed (error code: 32718)" All the windows firewalls are disabled, as well as third party anti-virus software. I'm at a loss.

My server is running debian 8. (It also has clonezilla installed but I had this issue on another server I was using in a virtualmachine that did not have anything else other than samba setup. I thought it was just an issue with the VM so I moved to a dedicated server, and am getting the same issue.)


  • Hello Davidka,
    Could you try again? If you still get the error, please take a screenshot of the error message so that we check. And, please also take a screenshot of the client computer when you get the error.
  • The target computer simply shuts down at this point, there is no error message displayed on the target. The server can see the network share, image deploy can see the adi file on the network share, I can use an aomei boot usb drive and restore from the network share with that, its just the image deploy that has an issue.

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