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ADI File Explorer (No Setup - Portable - Freeware)

With AOMEI Backupper, we can create ADI file to store Partitions, Drives and Files.

I would like save my customers data (backup when I change their disk) but if I use Aomei Backupper, they can't open their files without install the software.

They must mount all the drive to explore it. :s

If you make a portable application to explore ADI file, we can share it with their backup and they can restore just 1 ore more file without mount entire image (and all part if it)

For example, you can look about Synology HyperBackup Explorer
(freeware to explore HyperBackup files - they need to buy Synology Product to use it - Very good ad for them)

Also, we could use it to manage our ADI files (from our customers) <3

It's a very important feature to help me to sell it to all our customers.

We need this feature to be reassured about the future of this file format. Without having to install the full suite to mount an ADI file.

It's a WIN WIN feature because you perpetuate your existing and reassuring your customers of the viability of your backup solution. o:)

Moreover, it's a great advertisement for your products by allowing us to copy it in a portable way on external disks and USB keys.

Please, make it ! :)


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