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I have backupper pro. and partition assistant.
I have two hdd.  One has a complete system clone of my operating system.  Made with backupper pro system clone.
Is there a way in back upper pro to update the cloned c drive, without doing a full system clone every week?
It seems to take ages to analyse the drive etc.
I tried doing a partition clone but that takes just as long.  why does clone have to analyse the drive?
bearing in mind that all my files and photos etc are on another drive, and since my c drive doesnt change much from week to week i was hoping there would be a solution whereby the software could look at any changes to the drive and just update those files to the cloned drive.
Am i missing something?



  • I am not sure why you are performing a clone disc operation when all you have to do is use Aomei Backupper and perform a system backup or a disc backup each week.  Depending on the size and speed of your computer it should take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so to do the backup.  Should you ever have to restore your backup you simply boot your machine up on the Rescue Media and restore the backup.  The clone disc operation is primarily used when you are wanting to change out your system disc with a different disc, such as replacing your primary disc with a larger disc.
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    Hey thanks for the reply
    My reasoning is that if my hard disk fails,or if i run into driver problems etc.   i will be able to boot up as normal by just changing the boot disk in bios.
    That way I don't have to create an image and use restore operation.
    I like the peace of mind of knowing I have an up to date operating system ready to go by just changing boot order.

    So is there a way to synchronise my c partition with my backup partition? on a schedule. 
  • Hmm I would have never thought about doing that thanks for the explanation.  You do realize that your cloned copy of your system is running whenever your computer is powered up and you are subjecting your backup disc to unnecessary wear and tear which will eventually shorten the life of the disc?

    As you your question, I know of no way to synchronize a cloned copy of your system disc with the active system.  Sorry.
  • Sorry that AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support the schedule clone. You need to perform the full clone every time.
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