Aomei Backupper Std Windows 8.1 Blue Screens on reboot

I have been using Aomei Backupper for many years.
4 days ago I updated to v 6.2.
2 days ago I rebooted the computer, which on restart, blue screened, going in to an endless loop of reboot / bluescreen.
In the end I had to do a complete refresh from disk to get back up and running (all repair attempts failed)
After refresh, I installed an old backup (2 years old) to speed up software reinstall. After updating some software, rebooting caused the same problem.
On the third attempt, I narrowed it down to Aomei Backupper.

Steps to Cause Failure:-
Windows 8.1
Update Aomei Backupper to latest version (6.2)
Let installer Open Program on closing
Immediately Close Program
Reboot Computer
Computer will no longer boot into Windows

I have not had a program destroy Windows like this since Windows 98 and have now removed Backupper from this computer.

This did not happen on my Windows 10 computer when I updated that.  


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