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Back up disk - exFAT

I just noticed that the disk that I create my data image to via Aomei backerupper is formatted to be exFAT.  I'm running a Win 10 machine.  Should I reformat that disk to be NTFS?



  • With the disk formatted as exFAT it can be read and written by both Windows machines and MACs.  exFAT has less overhead requirements and is more compatible than NTFS.  If you are only going to use it on Windows machines then you can format it as NTFS, but I would not think that it was absolutely necessary since it is a portable drive.
  • Thanks @vbbritt - yes, it's an external drive that I only use to hold my AOMEI data disk images.  If it doesn't matter then I'll leave well enough alone.  If it makes sense to reformat to NTFS and create a new data drive image and set up a new backup schedule, I'll do it.  I was surprised when I saw it though as I thought for sure I'd formatted my drives to NTFS.
  • @Spodeworld, You can save the backup images to the exFAT partition. So, you don't need to format it to NTFS.
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