Backupper 6.2 erweiterte Edition steht nicht bereit

Unter dem Link:
wird noch die Version 6.1 übertragen anstatt der 6.2
In der Beschreibung steht 6.2 erweiterte Edition


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    Upps, diese Info muss mir gänzlich entgangen sein!

    Nur so nebenbei Dieter1, zukünftig bitte deine Threads in Englisch verfassen. Die Entwickler samt Support sitzen in Asien. Die übersetzten natürlich deine Nachricht. Aber eleganter gleich in Englisch zu schreiben.

    Ich hoffe, die entdecken bald den Fehler. Dann solltest Du beim nächsten Start auf das Update hingewiesen werden.
  • Version 6.2 (Issued: 11/18/2020)

    "Event Trigger" has been optimized.

    Fixed: Tasks disappeared for no reason.

    Fixed: In some cases, the computer cannot be started after cloning the system.

    Fixed: In some cases, the two-way synchronization task failed after files in the source directory were deleted.

    Fixed: The SSL/TLS encryption port in Email Notification cannot be changed.

    Fixed: In some cases, the computer will not be able to boot from the target disk after System Restore.

    Fixed: In some cases, the target computer cannot be started after universal recovery.

    Fixed: BSOD occurred due to the drivers of AOMEI Backupper.

    Fixed: The program cannot detect the OneDrive desktop app.

    Fixed: "Memory management scheme" does not take effect.

  • @Dieter1 ;You can download the trial version (this is 6.2) here and test the new bugfixes. I am curious whether the BOSD problem could finally be solved

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    Yes, I believe at last the problems with the drivers are resolved, since the correct drivers are now installed into Windows 10. I have checked that the drivers that are now installed are the same files as I used to manually replace up till now. All should be OK now... :smiley:
    And this simple correction took about 3 years.... ah well.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. We have updated the link in
  • Now it works, 6.1 has been updated successfully to 6.2
    The changelog is nice to read, but not really interesting for me....
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