Backupper - switch disk off between backups

to avoid ransomware attacks, a general recommendation is to disconnect the backup disk and switch it on only when running the backup. When you do this e.g. for a daily backup, you need something to remind the user to switch the disk on. The normal means in Aomei would seem to use the "pre-command" which calls a batch file, producing a message box "swtich disk on", and define that the backup task shall start only when the batch program is finished (which is the case when the disk is detected by the system).
When I use the pre-command to switch the disk on, the backupper will always do full backups, although the backup is defined as differential. When I keep the backup disk always switched on, then correct differential backups are produced.
Ony one an Idea how to avoid this problem? (I have already sent a lot of screenshots / logfiles / descriptions to the support, but at the end did not get any reply).


  • Hello Xwr111,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Generally, the program first starts to loading the backup task at the scheduled time point, then it will trigger the pre-command to perform, then start backup. However, when it loads the backup task, it doesn't detect the full backup (because the disk has not open), so it will decide to create a full backup type. So, the problem actually is a logical problem. Our technicians will optimize it after.
    Maybe you can try to set the backup to perform backup when the "USB plug in". 

  • Hello,
    thanks for the reply. Yes, that is what I thought. Using the USB connect might be a work-around, I will try this.
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