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Partition Recovery Problem

Lost partitions are discovered but cannot be selected. Message says "The selected partiton overlaps with existing partitions, please reselect". No options are available. All the discovered partitions are 3MB in size and not the data I need to recover. What can I do now?


  • Hello Trevorellis,
    Have you tried Full Search? If it also can't find the lost partitions including the data you want to recover, we are afraid that our software can't help you further.
  • I did the full search and this message is appearing to me too but the data is still there. What can I do? 
  • Thank you Celle95, please reply with a screenshot of your disks, from Partition Assistant.
  • @Celle95, Please firstly double-click the scanned partition to see if it include the data you need. Please also tale a screenshot of Partition Recovery interface ( this message is appearing to me too) so that we check.
    And, please take a screenshots of Windows Disk Management so that we check the status of your disk.
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