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Backupper - lenovo ideapad 530s - lost touchpad and wifi card/bluetooth

Hi all.
Many thanks for reading and any advice given.

This morning downloaded backupper and was preparing to upgrade my 256gb nvme ssd.....but didnt actually do so.
Just followed the aomei guide...

Created backup image on external hdd.
Created bootable usb - win pe - uefi etc.......and got notifications that win pe would download... and be compatible with 2 things ?!
I forget what exactly....not a big pc guy, apologies, but download proceeded and usb created.
AGAIN - Not going to upgrade/swap ssd as yet !

Now however, rebooted as normal and no wifi, no touchpad.
device manager shows no wifi card at all, luckily found an old usb wifi stick to come on here.
no touchpad, but L button ok ?!
WIN PE somehow messed something up ?

So please help me get wifi card back in device manager and touchpad working.


  • The first thing that I would do is to go to the system restore page and restore the computer back to a time before all of this activity took place.  Hopefully that will restore the drivers necessary to enable your missing devices.  If not then go to this link and see if you can reinstall the drivers for your computer.  https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/500-series/530s-14ikb/downloads/automatic-driver-update.  This particular link allows the software to automatically detect any and all drivers that are missing and required.  Hopefully this helps.  I for one do not know how what you did would cause the problem you are describing so once you get your machine back to the way that it was then I would start over and try again.

  • vbbritt - thanks my friend.
    Unfortunately no restore point, and already tried the lenovo softwares to detect any issues....mine is a 530s-14ARR
    All checks passed fine.

    might have to do a full restore which I really don't want to have to.
    any other ideas ?
  • Well, you might try going into the device manager and see if there are any items with a yellow exclamation points beside them.  If so then try searching windows update for new drivers or if that fails then delete them and their drivers if possible and maybe when you reboot Windows will apply the correct drivers.  You may try booting up in the safe mode and see if your touchpad and wireless adapter is recognized.
  • @Vbbritt
    "Now however, rebooted as normal and no wifi, no touchpad."---Did you mean that the wifi and touchpad can't be used under WinPE of AOMEI Backupper?
    The Winpe currently indeed doesn't integrate the drivers of wifi and touchpad, we will optimize it after.
  • vbbritt - thanks again, but no, nothing in device manager with an exclamation, wifi board not even listed, even under 'hidden'
    Booted in safe mode with networking, again no wifi and no touchpad.

    Admin - No, this is back in normal windows 10, original state, same nvme ssd, no changes.....all I did was create backup and bootable usb.
  • @TheADDict, Did you mean that the wifi and touchpad can't be used under Windows when you use AOMEI Backupper to create the backup and bootable usb? Our program doesn't delete drivers from your system. Could you try to reinstall the drivers?
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