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Clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD

This question must have been asked many times, but I'm new to Aomei & can't find the answer.

I have Windows 10 on 2TB HDD, of which more than 1TB is unallocated.  I want to clone to a 1TB SSD to replace my HDD.  I have upgraded from free to pro because I have read free cannot clone to smaller volume, but pro can.

Please can someone point me to instructions or a youtube video?  Alternatively, have I bought the wrong product?  Do I have to look elsewhere?


  • Many thanks for this.  I had presumed that I needed to do "System Clone" to make a bootable volume, & not "Disk Clone".  That was my error.

    I have followed the directions provided from the link & that all looks OK.  I haven't yet installed the new disk, but, all good so far.  I managed to achieve my objective, but was surprised that I couldn't figure out a way to consolidate the unassigned space from within Aomei.  The way Aomei operated is it assigned the surplus storage proportionally to partitions, and, when I reduced the non windows partitions to the same sizes as on the HDD to be copied, a bit of unallocated space was left after each target partition. 

    I got over this by increasing the Windows partition size using Windows Disk Management until partitioned space on the HDD nearly matched the SDD available space.  Then, in Aomei, I didn't need to edit individual partition sizes on the SSD.
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    Glad it worked for you.  I would assume that the System Clone and Disk Clone work the same as the System Backup and Disk Backup and if that is true then both cloned discs made with either tool should be bootable.
  • Hello,
    I want to clone an SSD with Windows 10 to an M2 SSD. Unfortunately that doesn't work. There is always an error message (see picture). What's wrong?
    Is it because of the totally bugged version 6.1 of AOMEI Backupper?
  • @Hans10001, did you perform system clone? or disk clone?
    Could you try to clear all partitions on the target SSD and then do system clone again?
    And, before clone, please check if the source disk and target disk is same disk type (GPT or MBR). If the source disk is MBR, while the target one is GPT (or, the source is GPT, target one is MBR), please convert the target disk to the same type as the source via Windows Disk Management, and then do the clone.
  • @Admin.
    I did disk clone exactly as you described. Unfortunately it does not work. It boots up to the Windows logo and then it hangs. I do not know why. I am returning the SSD.

  • @Hans10001, Have you returned the SSD? If not, could you continue to try? We will help you solve the boot problem as possible.
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