Hey, I have two harddrive in my PC System drive 1 is where my OS and files are on. 
Drive 2 I want to use to store my system image backup. 

So with my Aomei Backupper Professional
I did a full system image backup along with a schedule to run daily, based on a specified time.

My question is why is it taking so long to do the incremental backup? Does it have to run through the full system image and check for changes? Right now I'm doing testing and I just did a full image took 2hr now it's doing a Increment over a hour now! My CPU usage is at a constant 98% that's crazy.

Any suggestions ?

I guess I'll have to use the real time sync but if I do that I'll have to manually create backups of my quickbook software daily so it will sync over. Too much work! 



  • I have never done a daily backup with incremental. Usually I do on sunday morning a weekly fullbackup without incremental.

    Of course incremental with check changes from full backup and save them, but it should take much more less time. On my notebook a full system image of 46GB will take about 10 Min. Maybee there could be something wrong with your system (slow, less space on target drive, large paging file on C: and more....), check your processes in the task manager, check your drivers....). 98% is abnormal high....

    A sync is not an image. In case of a hard drive damage you will be able to recover but bootable. I prefer a full system image and suggest you to delete and create a new task (and check/clean your system before!!)....
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