DVD drive is not visible for backup

I try to do a virtual image of an optical disc but my optical drive doesn't appear as an option to select. I tried with an external DVD drive but also with a built in DVD drive and is not visible for the backupper to select. What do I miss?


  • Are your "drives" visible and accessible when the system is running?
  • If you are attempting to create an image of a DVD disc such as a backup of a movie or some program that you have then Aomei Backupper is not the program for you.  Aomei Backupper is designed to make backup images of HDD or SSD drives on your system.  A program like CDburnerXP or CloneDVD are better suited for that purpose.  Here is also a link to a review of other programs. https://dvdcreator.wondershare.com/dvd-tips/free-dvd-copy-software.html.

  • You´re right. But AOMEI Backupper should recognize any disc drive anyway....
    When I start a recovery I could select my cd disc drive, from a recovery media I haven´t testet it yet.
    If you select a task such as Partition Backup, File Backup, or File Sync in backupper than the CD/DVD drives are visible and select-able.  However, with the System Backup and Disk Backup they are not. 
  • I never would backup an image/datas to any disc media! So I don´t need that option during any backup process ;-)
  •   Thank you very much, @Vbbritt !
     I thought that I am missing something. An optical disc backup seems to me a simpler task.
  • That is the way I do.
    What do you prefer it´s up to you :-)
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