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I want to buy Aomei Backupper Standard Pro

Hello guys,


I want to buy Aomei Backupper pro, but I would like to know if there are people who have experience with this program.

I want to clone an old hard drive on my laptop to a new ssd crucialMX500. With this ssd you get a link at the purchase to download the program Acronis True Image Home for Free for Windows 10.

But the manual of this program states that cloning a hard drive to a ssd on a laptop often causes problems. That's why Acronis support advises people to better back up and repair disk

Especially if you want to clone a hard drive to a ssd crucial, it is better to make a backup (image) and recovery disc and thus transfer the image to the ssd crucial.

Is this also the case with the Aomei Backupper Standard Pro program?

Or can the Aomei Backupper Standard Pro program easily clone a hard drive on a laptop to a new ssd?

Please advise you on this.

Best regards

gilbert from Belgium.



  • I have used Acronis True Image for years and my laptop only has one SATA socket for a hard disk.  I have cloned the disk several times, once to a larger mechanical drive, once to a SSD, and another time to a larger SSD drive.  I have a SATA to USB adapter that I plug into the target disk and then plug the other end of the cable to a usb port on the laptop.  Then I simply clone the drive to the new disk.  Upon completion I remove the existing drive and plug in the new disc into the computer and boot it up. 

    I have also removed the existing hard drive from my laptop and plugged in the new disk into the machine.  Then I connected the existing hard disk to my SATA to usb cable.  Then I used the rescue media (both CD and USB) to boot up the machine.  Then I cloned the disk on the SATA to USB cable to the new destination disc that I had previously installed into the machine.  This worked fine as well.

    I know that Steve Smith (Acronis Forum) always suggests making a current backup of your existing laptop hard disk and then removing the drive from the machine.  Next he suggests that you install the new hard drive into the laptop and booting up your machine off of your previously created rescue media (USB or CD/DVD).  Then you restore the backup to the new disk that was installed in the laptop.  With the multitude of drive formats (SATA, PCI-e, M.2, etc) this is always the safest approach so the boot loader is properly handled and the disk space is automatically included as part of the boot partition.  It is pretty much a fail safe approach that is easiest for the novice to follow.  I have used this method before myself.

    I am of the opinion that if you use True Image or Aomei Backupper and create a new rescue media on the machine where you want to place the new SSD drive that you can successfully clone the disk.  Sometimes people attempt to use external docking stations to connect up the new disk to the machine and in a lot of cases the clone process doesn't properly handle the drivers properly so the new disk won't boot up the laptop.  So it is always wise to perform a complete backup (with True Image a Partition Backup and with Backupper a system backup or a disk backup) before attempting to clone the disk.  Keep in mind that if you attempt to clone the disk with Aomei Backupper Standard (Free Version) both the source disk and the destination disk have to be MBR to MBR or GPT to GPT as it will not clone a MBR disk to a GPT disk.  The purchased Professional version of Backupper will clone a MBR disk to a GPT disk.  Good Luck with the cloning process.     
  • You always should do a complete backup before you clone. What backup software do you prefer depends on your needs and your tilt means usability. Mostly people uses cloning if a disc completely fails or a larger media is needed.
  • Hi MrPresident,

    Thank you kindly for your reply.

    The description to with Aomei Backupper and also with Acronis True Image is quite correct.

    Here at us in Flanders (Belgium) the new hard drive or ssd is connected to the USB cable with sata adapter and then the USB cable is connected to the laptop or PC.The existing drive stays in the laptop.

    And apparently the reverse method is the best way to clone a hard drive or ssd using the rescue medium to boot outside of Windows 10.

    The backup feature of Windows 10 in File History fails on my laptop if I want to create a system copy.

    Backup fails.
    Windows (0x8078006B) cannot create a shared security point on source volumes
    The shadow copy provider has had an unexpected error processing the specified operation(0x8004230F)
    I executed the command sfc /scannow but it found no errors. I used the command services.msc the VolumeShadowCopy, which was manually changed to automatic and restarted the service. This didn't help either. The problem solver also did not provide any clarification. With CCeaner the registry cleaned up without success.
    So I will now buy the paid Aomei Backupper and use it instead of the Backup feature in Windows 10.
    Best regards.

    Gilbert from The East Flanders in Belgium.

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    In my opinion, please don´t use any backup feature of any windows version. By myself I don´t trust them. U can use AOMEI, Acronis, Macrium or any other reliable backup tool. For the best security case on every sunday morning I use AOMEI at first, then second Acronis Truei Image, store all images local, let them copy via backup tool to my NAS and after all that has been finished it will be synchronized with my ext. hdd, which will be disconneted later on.

    Sonny greetings from Hannover, Germany
  • :) : Thank you very much

    I backed up my system drive with Aomei Backupper Standard 6.0

    This worked out well. But I can't find the backup anywhere on my laptop?

    Do you know where that backup is?

    Thanks in advance.


    gilberto from East Flanders  

  • Did you perform a System Backup or a Disk Backup?  Which ever one you chose you should have been presented with a screen where you were supposed to supply the destination name of the folder that you wanted the image stored in.  If you didn't supply any information then it would be stuck in a folder called new folder at appdata/local/microsoft/burn/temp burn/ new folder or something like that.  Since it is in appdata then it will be necessary for you to use windows explorer and then turn on hidden files and folders before you can see the path.  To find out exactly go into the home screen in Backupper and click on the three horizontal lines on the right hand side of the backup summary.  Select "Edit Backup" and it will display the path where the backup is stored.  Normally a person would plug in a external USB disc and use that to store the backup information.  
  • I´m rellay sorry, but Virgil´s explanation comes completely true.
    You always should have an intensive look at what you want to do :-)
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