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Install to dissimilar hardware, created additional partitions.... which are redundant????

Hi there I just upgraded my CPU and motherboard and used an image to install windows 10 to the new equipment. I inadvertently created extra partitions when choosing the install options (or so I think) and now my system behaves oddly on a cold boot.

It seems the system is rebooting from partition to partition looking for a viable boot partition. It never fully initializes, never going into bios but turns on and off three + times and finally settles in and boots as it should. I suspect it my be trying to access incorrect partitions? Honestly... I'm not sure. Once I have booted into the desktop, I can 'restart' with no delay or hiccups... goes right in and acts as it should... Which seems odd to me.

Here is an image of the partition layout, I would assume "boot'" and "System" are the correct partitions to keep and the other are incorrect or optional to bringing the machine up?

Or... perhaps the odd cold boot issue is unrelated?

What do you think?



  • It seems that you W10 image fails to boot missing matching drivers....
    Are you able to boot in safe mode and find out (eventviewer log) what´s wrong?
    Are you sure that your image is really bootable?
    Usually I restore the image, afterwards I partitioning my drives and restore the datas....

  • Please check if Disk Management shows the same result, if yes, you could delete the unnecessary partitions manually.
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