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I know I have to search first, but there are a lot of what confuses me. So I will give you here a list....
Actually I use the Workstation 6.0.0 latest download build on 2 of my computers....
- why I have to click under the animation on the start screen to the backup running in details?
- why I cannot see WHAT files and folders will be saved?
- I have given a name (e.g. system) to a backup scheme. But after saving my data the file has a differend name like "system backup(x)", why?
- once a image could be restored without any interruptions, another image forces a restart with a recovery media
    * have a choice between windows pe or linux bootable media? Why I have to do that??? Feel joking....
- why I´m not able to see WHAT backup is running? Please pace the name in the headline or whereever, but it should be viewable
- mail settings did not work
- I prefer adding Partittion Manager into Backupper
- how can I connect (automatically?) to WLAN after booting from recovery media?
- what means "explore image" exactly? Open, separate....?
- errors should be strongly and in all details logged!!!
- why I should save ALL partitions into ONE image? Too large, too slow, high risk if image is damaged....
- please deselect the option "create a folder with the name of the image" directly from installation
    * please let these option unchecked generally!!!
    * these option could not be changed later on, I have to delete the old and created a new job
- edit a cretated image I´m not able to change the targed folder
- a benefit would be if the name of a image was extracted (maybee) from the partition name
- a benefit would be to separate global options into one section different from the options for an image
    * e.g. path, compression level, mail....
- why I could not deactivate splitting into small images?
- starting the recovery media LAN will be continuously searched (there is no cable!!)....
    * actually I´m using my laptop which is connetecd wireless (AOMEI don´t seems to find these connection)
    * why I could not backup from the recovery media?
    * there are toooooo much dialogs during a recovery process
    * the test partition could be recovered because it´s in the middle of two???
    * can I connect my (W)LAN afterwards during the recovery media to get images from a NAS?
        * the most upcoming worstcase will be that the local harddisc has been crashed completely and a consistend backup is on a different media (if you are a wellqualified user or admin :-) )
- when recovery mode is started the screen is not centered
    * what means "Partition table overlap & follow the instructions will stop. Process restart"?
    * local images will not be found automatically
    * how can I connect to my NAS if I need images from there?

At least, I think the usability could be improved. Please allow me to support your beta team....

AOMEI Backupper Workstation seems to be a really good backup software. But if I´m not able to restore every partition on its original place, I could not trust AOMEI in a worstcase scenario.


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    - Log details are missing
    - when a sync has been finished, 2 mails will be send (why 2? they are same)
    - License details are missing
    - when removing aomei software, fragments in file system and registry will be left
      * please give the user an really perfect working easy overall cleanup tool (like Acronis provide)
    - after creating a new task I miss....
      * several options
      * not able to edit the target path
    - not able to edit mail message text (maybee for each backup task....)
    - not able to exclude files and folders during any image backup and any sync

    Please add the possibillity to users profile to add bottom line comments like what the users have hardware, software, give a slogan or whatever the user wants to publish.
  • Hi, have you read the Help Documents? Most of your questions can be answered there.
    It is recommended to look through the documents before use.
    As for your suggestions, we will forward them to our development department, many thanks for your feedback.
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    You´re right, I never had read the help documents.
    But I will do that soon....

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    - I prefer ONE recovery media for all tools (Backupper, Partition Manager.... Acronis does)
    - If I´m not able to merge, why it appears? Function and options should go well together
    - change "explore image" to "about image", then separate "explore, detach....
    - with linux recovery media backup is not possible
       * even the release seems to be extremely old: V4.0.3 from 2017
    - Forum overview: if I receive meesages, a number appears above next to my name. But when I open the first thread, the nuber disappears and I´m not sure what thread I have read or not
    - what means the function "cancel control"?

    I am of the opinion that software should be largely logical and self-explanatory. If in doubt, the manual remains, but only then!

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