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I know I have to search first, but there are a lot of what confuses me. So I will give you here a list....
Actually I use the Workstation 6.0.0 latest download build on 2 of my computers....
- why I have to click under the animation on the start screen to the backup running in details?
- why I cannot see WHAT files and folders will be saved?
- I have given a name (e.g. system) to a backup scheme. But after saving my data the file has a differend name like "system backup(x)", why?
- once a image could be restored without any interruptions, another image forces a restart with a recovery media
    * have a choice between windows pe or linux bootable media? Why I have to do that??? Feel joking....
- why I´m not able to see WHAT backup is running? Please pace the name in the headline or whereever, but it should be viewable
- mail settings did not work
- I prefer adding Partittion Manager into Backupper
- how can I connect (automatically?) to WLAN after booting from recovery media?
- what means "explore image" exactly? Open, separate....?
- errors should be strongly and in all details logged!!!
- why I should save ALL partitions into ONE image? Too large, too slow, high risk if image is damaged....
- please deselect the option "create a folder with the name of the image" directly from installation
    * please let these option unchecked generally!!!
    * these option could not be changed later on, I have to delete the old and created a new job
- edit a cretated image I´m not able to change the targed folder
- a benefit would be if the name of a image was extracted (maybee) from the partition name
- a benefit would be to separate global options into one section different from the options for an image
    * e.g. path, compression level, mail....
- why I could not deactivate splitting into small images?
- starting the recovery media LAN will be continuously searched (there is no cable!!)....
    * actually I´m using my laptop which is connetecd wireless (AOMEI don´t seems to find these connection)
    * why I could not backup from the recovery media?
    * there are toooooo much dialogs during a recovery process
    * the test partition could be recovered because it´s in the middle of two???
    * can I connect my (W)LAN afterwards during the recovery media to get images from a NAS?
        * the most upcoming worstcase will be that the local harddisc has been crashed completely and a consistend backup is on a different media (if you are a wellqualified user or admin :-) )
- when recovery mode is started the screen is not centered
    * what means "Partition table overlap & follow the instructions will stop. Process restart"?
    * local images will not be found automatically
    * how can I connect to my NAS if I need images from there?

At least, I think the usability could be improved. Please allow me to support your beta team....

AOMEI Backupper Workstation seems to be a really good backup software. But if I´m not able to restore every partition on its original place, I could not trust AOMEI in a worstcase scenario.


  • ....to be continued

    - Log details are missing
    - when a sync has been finished, 2 mails will be send (why 2? they are same)
    - License details are missing
    - when removing aomei software, fragments in file system and registry will be left
      * please give the user an really perfect working easy overall cleanup tool (like Acronis provide)
    - after creating a new task I miss....
      * several options
      * not able to edit the target path
    - not able to edit mail message text (maybee for each backup task....)
    - not able to exclude files and folders during any image backup and any sync

    Please add the possibillity to users profile to add bottom line comments like what the users have hardware, software, give a slogan or whatever the user wants to publish.
  • Hi, have you read the Help Documents? Most of your questions can be answered there.
    It is recommended to look through the documents before use.
    As for your suggestions, we will forward them to our development department, many thanks for your feedback.
  • ....to be continued
    You´re right, I never had read the help documents.
    But I will do that soon....

  • ...to be continued
    - I prefer ONE recovery media for all tools (Backupper, Partition Manager.... Acronis does)
    - If I´m not able to merge, why it appears? Function and options should go well together
    - change "explore image" to "about image", then separate "explore, detach....
    - with linux recovery media backup is not possible
       * even the release seems to be extremely old: V4.0.3 from 2017
    - Forum overview: if I receive meesages, a number appears above next to my name. But when I open the first thread, the nuber disappears and I´m not sure what thread I have read or not
    - what means the function "cancel control"?

    I am of the opinion that software should be largely logical and self-explanatory. If in doubt, the manual remains, but only then!

  • @MrPresident,
    1. You can try to use AOMEI PE Builder(http://www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/pe/2.0/full/PEBuilder.exe) to create the WinPE bootable media. It can integrate AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant to the same WinPE.
    2. We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
    3. The Linux bootable media only offer the restore and clone features. We will update the version after.
    4. We will optimize the forum further.
    5. "cancel control" is available for our another program--AOMEI Centralized Backupper. It can manage backups for multiple computers under the same LAN. In the process, it will use AOMEI Centralized Backupper Agent program or AOMEI Backupper as the client software. So, you can cancel the backup management control from the client program if your computer is managed by AOMEI Centralized Backupper.
  • edited November 2020
    #1 I will check it out soon....
    #2 I do not hear from your beta group anymore, Kevin has promised me to add
    #3 Would be nice updating it soon
    #4 nice to hear....
    #5 fade in when neccessary else fade it completely out

    I have another big problem!!
    This morning I tried my first restore and I found out, that with AOMEI I´m not able to simply restore my system partition. A message comes up and told me, that my pysical partition is "in the middle" and could not be rrestored. I don´t think that I have done something wrong and before I delete all AOMEI products I gave you the chance to check it out and advice me. At least, ANY partitiion could not be restored, always same error message!!!

    @vbbritt : could it be that you had have the same problem and found a solution? We talked about it I think....
  • @MrPresident, I have created several system backups and disk backups using Aomei Backupper.  I have also restored those backups to the same disc drives and also larger disc drives on those machines.  The only problem I have encountered is the restored operating system disc would not boot.  That was because I was using a WinPE rescue media that was created on a AMD machine and the backup was on a Intel machine so the drivers were missing.  Once I created the rescue media on the Intel platform then the backup restored and booted just fine.

    I have a UEFI boot type so my system disk consists of 3 partitions (EFI, Drive C, and Recovery) so when I restore my system I always restore all three of these partitions.  What error message are you seeing and what type of rescue media are you using?
  • edited November 2020
    @vbbritt: As a recovery media I the one I have created during AOMEI Backupper, not WinPE. Regardless of the recovery media, IT MUST WORK ANYWAY: I DON´T WON´T USING ANY WORKAROUND!!! Some other backup tool works perfectly.

    Below I have added 5 snapshots offering my restore process. Regardless of all, any partition will be restored. They are all "in the middle". Even the link in the error message does not work, I have any internet!!!

    I´m using a SSD 1TB with several partitions on it, see snapshot #6. The only reason I could imagine why a restore does not work is, that a important partition is at the end of the SSD (Acronis Disk Director shows the same list). I´m not sure if I try to move the partition F: coloured with a red bar) the system will still boot. If I move and it does not boot, I have a big big problem!!!
  • edited November 2020
    At least, I still wait for adding to the beta group. As a result of that why we were not informed that Backupper 6.2.0 and PM 9.0.0 are available???

    Anyway, I bought 9.0 this moment. Next release I would be happy that AOMEI software detects previous installations, uses their path and folder. Funny, PA asked me for overtaking the present license.... ok, but what about the license I bought with the new release?
  • @MrPresident, Could you boot into the windows? And then, please take a screenshot of Windows disk management. You can press Win+R, then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
    As for your suggestions. We only submit them to our dev team. Then, our technician will decide to add or not. As for beta, we currently don't set the beta group to test the software before release.
    As for the license problem, sorry that we don't quite understand. You can't register with your license code?
  • Yes, I could boot into windows and regarding the windows disk management screenshot I already have added a snapshot. Both shows the same!! Anyway, I have added a new screenshot and marked the partition could causing the backup/restore problem.

    If you mean the beta group.... Kevin has promised me!!

    The license problem wasn´t, only a suggestion, a information, no more. The new license work perfectly.

  • @admin: any news or do we have stopped our support?
  • @MrPresident Sorry to reply to you late.
    Thanks for your information. There is a limit of partitions layout under the environment. Please try to create WinPE bootable USB and then boot from the WinPE to do the restore. As for creating WinPE, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/create-bootable-disk.html

  • Thanks for your reply and I will try it again with WinPE.
    But with Macrium Refelct Workstation and Acronis True Image 2021 a restore works perfectly, fast and without any failures.
    So I don´t think, it depends on any enviroment.
  • I suggest, we cut these thread after my post from October 7 and move it into a new one.
    However, restore with WinPe has been worked successfully.
    - backupper does not start automatically
    - the restore has taken about 50 Min !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for what and extremely too long!!
    - creating a WinPE stick has taken also too much time, wasted time
    - during the creating process I have found out, that a CD could not be created (disc not empty), a very old school and akready known problem

    Honestly, I feel really screwed here now.
    And I haven't seen such a bad performance in a long time.... sorry

    At least, I don´t know who Kevin is. But he has promised me in his last mail to add me in the beta group soon.
    I don´t ask again, but I will support AOMEI to improve their software. But it seems they do not want.... too bad

  • @MrPresident, Sorry for the inconvenience. We will optimize these problems after.
    And, we have recorded your email. If we need to test new features via the users, we will contact you. Could you help us at that time? And, if you have any suggestions or feedback about our software, please also submit to us. We will forward them to our dev team.
  • I think, we should close here.
    The problem regarding the restore was solved and all other questions have been given and were answered.

    If your dev team wants my support or suggestions, don´t hesitate to contact me. Although i would prefer to be part of the team all the time (check "solved" problems, test new feature and so on)....

  • ....to be continued
    - when I disable a scheduled job, all settings will be set back completely and if I want to schedule these job later on, I have to set the job newly. I prefer, these settings should be stored until the job will be deleted
  • @MrPresident, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team as a reference. Thanks.
  • ....to be continued
    - the scheduler don´t start at time (1 minute later)
    - a portable version of Backupper and PA would be a good step
    - setup multiple notifications might be a useful benefit
    - the local logfile is poor of information (look at a mail notification)
    - please add the mail notification log the size of the backup
    - please add spaces before AND after (Success) in mail notification headline, see screenshot

  • @MrPresident, Thank you so much.
    "the scheduler don´t start at time (1 minute later)"---What mean? Could you give us a detailed description?
    "setup multiple notifications might be a useful benefit"---Maybe you can try to create an email group and add multiple email addresses to the group, then set the group email to email notification. Of course, we will submit your suggeation to our dev team.
    And, we will also submit other suggestions to our dev team to optimize.
  • edited December 2020
    What should I explain?? All backup jobs are scheduled at 0630h, but they start 0631h.
    We missunderstood completely in ervery mail, what makes me very very unhappy!!!!!
    - multiple notifications means that I could setup eaqch backup mail notification AT ALL.
    An email group is not wanted.

    What about my adding to your beta group???

    AOMEI PA has been released to 9.1. Why I have to download and install the new release by myself?
    - I would be happy the update/upgrade process would same like AOMEI Backupper.

    AOMEI Backupper has been release to 6.3.0.
    I´m not really happy about the new benefits. I miss at least one of my suggestions above.
  • @MrPresident, We will support the automatic update of AOMEI Partition Assistant in the near future.

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