No boot on backup?

Hey I'm gonna make this post short, my hard drive fried which my OS was on...of course I had it backed up but for some reason when I restore the image to the new hard drive it doesn't boot. What am I doing wrong?


  • Is this the same machine that the backup was made on?  For some reason it appears like a drive C already existed on this computer so the restore operation restored the backup to drive 0 as drive letter L.  When you went to the second screen that provided the system restore summary did the screen indicate that the drive letters were the same as the original ones?  I have included a screen shot of the restore screen from my machine and as you can see both the backup and the restoral disk are both listed as drive C.  

    What is on disk 1 labeled as drive C and what was the drive letter when the machine was functioning normally?  What I would do is to make a note of which SATA cables were plugged into each disk on the machine and unplug all of the drives except for Disk 0.   Then I would boot up the machine on your bootable media (USB Rescue Disk) and attempt to perform the system restore over again.  Make sure that the operation summary screen matches the information (Drive B and C) in your backup.  You may get a warning about the disk being in use asking you if you want to overwrite the partitions.  Instruct Backupper to use that disk and overwrite whatever is on disk 0.  Then attempt to boot up the machine when the restoral finishes.  If the machine boots up successfully on disk 0 as drive B and C then power down the machine and plug your other drives back in and boot your machine up again.  You may have to go into disk management and manually assign the original drive letter that was assigned to Disk 1 to return things back to normal.   Good Luck.


  • It was labeled as the C drive. I tried the bios boot and that still didn't work. 
  • It would appear like you need to start over with restoring your backup and following my recommendations above.
  • I did exactly what you said to do. Could it be that the OS came from a different hard drive? 
  • I noticed a universal option that wasn't available due to it being freeware. 
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    Something has me very confused.  Did you put a new disk into the machine that had the hard drive crash and did you boot up the machine on the rescue media?  How are you attempting to restore your backup?  I ask because your screen shots appear to have been taken from a machine that is booted up and functional instead of being on the rescue media. 

    The universal option is used to restore a backup on a different machine that it was created from.  You would not need that option if you are simply trying to restore a backup.
  • No I have a backup OS installed on a different hard drive but the image is on an external hard drive. Sorry for the confusion. 
  • So are you installing your new replacement disk into the machine, booting up the machine off of the rescue media that you created, and then restoring the backup that you have on your external hard drive?
  • Yep, that's what I'm trying to do.
  • Are you unplugging all of the hard disks except for the new one and your external one with the backup?
  • That's exactly what I did when you suggested I do the bios boot up. 
  • I did not suggest a bios boot up.  What I suggested was to boot up the machine on the Aomei Rescue Media and then perform a system restore.  When you look at the restoral screen you should see both the backup file and the new disk displayed as being drive B and C.  Is that what you see?
  • That's what I meant an aeomi boot up, yeah that's what I see.
  • Then how is the new drive being assigned drive letters K and L?
  • Because that was done the first time, the second time with an aeomi boot the letters were what you had said. 
  • I am sorry, but I am not going to be able to help you.  Perhaps the @admin can do a better job of explaining what has to be done. 
  • I´m not sure, but I think I have seen an option that allows to assign the drive letter (backup / retore)....

  • Nothing seems to be working, is there a tech that can do screen share so I can figure this out?
  • Why a screen share? If you boot from restore media and select restore image, you will be able in section "operation summary" and below "edit partition" to change the letter of the drive. However, as I have done a restore all my drive had have the same drive letter as usual, nothing has been changed.
  • Ok it appears the mistake was on my end, I was selecting restore a partition in the system backup not restore THE system backup. The issue with selecting the latter is there's two drives but it only backs up one of them, the B drive.  
  • And whenever I click next this is where it sits. 
  • As you can see the screen below, when you attempt to create a simple booteable system image, both relevant partitions are selected automatically. You onlyeed to select the target path and if necessary, the options, schedule and scheme. If you don not select options and deactivate unter "advanced" the checkbox "others" a additional folder will be created. Anyway, that´s a very simple and fast way creating a bootable system image. Don´t foget to change the task name above near the pencil....

    Your 2. screen shows you that the backup has been started. If you want to see more details click on the link under the animation....

    The way above differences only when you select disk image, partition image or folder image. Then you have to select your source by checking the box meaning select the folders to image....

  • This screen shows the summy of my restore. I don´t know about your partition tree, but usually the is C: with the system and a smaller system partition. Both partition should be shown in your file explorer and also in any other tool, like AOMEI. If not, you should clarify that first....

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