Backupper Pro - Improvement suggestion Backup Management (backup chains)

I would like to see an expansion in backup management.

Currently I have the possibility to choose the number of backups for a differential or incriminate backup chain.
In the example of an incremental chain and the number 3 for the number of backups, this means that currently
Full, Inc 1 and Inc 2, Full1, Inc 3 are kept at the maximum before the first chain is deleted.

I would like to be able to set how many incremental backups are created until the next backup is created AND how many or how long I want to keep these backup chains. So e.g. 3 or more backup chains until the automatic deletion is done.
Example 3 backup chains to keep
Full, Inc 1, Inc 2
Full 1, Inc 3, Inc 4
Full 2, Inc 5, Inc 6 before deleting first chain at next backup.

Would this be possible?


  • Sorry, it is not possible to set a backup chain like that. We will consider your improvement suggestion.
  • It looks like GFS (Grandfather, Father, Son). Mostly the professional and expensive tools do process that rotation.
    I would suggest make a scheduled full backup of all partitions every week and you will be safe.
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