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Could not create cd/dvd on Workstation 6.0.0 latest build

On both of my computers I´m not able to create a recovery media on cd/dvd.
After accessing the tray was rejected and a message appears a writeable media could not found.
Funny, because all tried media are fresh from the box!!
Anyway, as a workaround I created an iso and burned it to cd/dvd, ready to go :-)
Btw, creating a usb stick works pretty fine....


  • Aomei Backupper Pro exhibits the same behavior.  You can create an ISO of the rescue media and then using third party software write it to CD/DVD, but not from Backupper Pro.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    That solution is what I have already written and done, but creating a cd/DVD should working, or not?
  • I really don't view writing an ISO to disc as a solution.  It does work and at the moment it is the only way if you need the rescue media on a cd/dvd.  However, the majority of users are now using flash drives for their rescue media so it becomes a question of how much importance Aomei developers will give the problem. 
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    Anyway of what kind of function, it should work or be deleted!!
    I don´t need, but I won´t waste a stick for that....
    How long do you use AOMEI software and what is your position in this forum?
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    I agree with you that the function of creating a rescue CD/DVD should work and needs to be fixed.   I keep a 16GB WinPE flash drive that I created with Aomei PE Builder 2.0 that provides my rescue media purposes.  I find it very useful because it has Aomei Backupper and Aomei Partition Assistant on a single rescue media.  Plus you never know when you are going to need an Emergency Rescue Disk

    I have experimented with Aoemi Backupper off and on for many years but another vendor's product was my go to backup software.  Recently the other company added a bunch of bloat to their program and in my opinion ruined one of the best backup programs on the market.  So I started seriously looking for another backup program to fill my needs.  I find that Aomei Backupper has all of the capabilities that I need and is fairly user friendly.  I am currently using Aomei Backupper Professional version 6.0 with lifetime updates. 

    I am just a user in this forum like you.  I have quite a few years of computer experience and do not mind helping others on the forum with their problems when I can.      
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    We´re agree that these function should be fixed soon. I´m confused why it has not already be done. Sure, UBS has more future, but I like to use discs.

    We´re agree too regarding developing a best practice backup strategy. Like you I have experienced several years with a lot of backup tools in the last 30 years of my business as a system administrator. Even I have spend a lot of time and waste a lot of money to find a best matching backup tool.

    Actually I´m using primary Acronis True Image and the second tool I have to decide between AOMEI and Macrium Reflect. This decision is based a really good backup tool from Swiss named Langmeier Backup. But did not answer since a few month and therefo I have to look for a alternative because I´m always safe in 2 ways with datas. For partitioning I use Acronis Disc Director 12.5. Acronis fills my needs perfectly.

    The strategy I presently use is.... on every sunday moring all computers were started. Then the first tools begins to backup all partitions on all computers into each images stored local. During the backup a script delete and copies each image from local to my NAS. Then the 2. tools starts the same procedure as the first tool does (including delete and copy). When finished I have 2 Backups on each computer (separate partition and folders). Better safe then sorry. After that a third task with another software (due to history) will synchronize my NAS and a ext. USB-HDD. At the end of all which runs completely automcally scheduled I have 2 backup sets on 3 systems, should be safe I think. At least the ext. HDD will be disconnected until next sunday :-)

    I thought I bought AOMEI lifetime license, but I don´t. How can I find what kind of licens I do have?
    Do you read my suggestion overview?
    Where are you located? I reside near Hannover, Germany....
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    I have used Acronis True Image as my primary backup tool since version 8.0 of the tool.  Over the years they have added things to it that I thought was feature creep and adding bloat to the product.  However, with True Image 2021 they added a full blown antivirus package that is quite the resource hog.  Even when you turn off the feature (peripheral version) the services continue to run in the background.  On top of Acronis ignoring their beta testers they rolled out the buggy product and have yet to fix the major problems.   I do not use Acronis Disk Director any more because of various issues.  Now I use Aomei Partition Assistant and Mini Tool Partition Assistant.

    The only place that I have found my license information is in the email confirmation when I purchased the license.  @admin, can that information be added to Aomei Backupper?  Perhaps in the help screen?

    My home is in the state of Texas in the United States.  I live very close to the city of Houston, Texas.
  • I like the products of Acronis and functions I don´t need or like I disable or deny that.
    However, I don´t care about Acronis and their politics....

    As I have send my comment here I have also found the same information as you did. But to late, so I bought 2x Lifetime liences again, shit happens.

    @admin: beside the version, the build, the name (Pro, Workstation, Server....) the license should be placed in the help screen next release or update. Also I miss which backup job is currently running! Please watch out my thread "suggestions overview".

    My home is called Brelingen which is near (about 25km) to Hannover which is located near the middle of Germany. Btw. my name is Kai, 54 years young.

    If I write or discribe something wrong, please let me know to improve my language skills.... :)

  • Hi Vbbritt (what a funny nick),

    the support team has told me that a new release will published this month.
    I´m looking forward to it :-)
  • Hey Kai I am glad to hear about a new release.  I hope that they fix some of the problems that have been identified.  I know that they didn't when Backupper version 6.0 was released.  My alias is not a nickname.  Instead it is the first letter of my first and middle name plus my last name.  My name is Virgil and my middle initial is B.
  • Hey Virgil,
    I hope, we will keep informed when the new relase will we published.
    Actually I have intensive contact to AOMEI support team called, Kevin, Owen and Maggie.
    I´m sorry, I have only one first name :-(
  • Hi Virgil,
    acutally I have find out, that with AOMEI I´m not able to restore my system or any other partition. Acronis also hungs.
    Anyway, the message AOMEI gave me was the same "partition cannot be restored because she is in the middle...." or something like that. Could you please advice me to that threat? I do not found. Also I´m extremely pissed off!!!
  • As long as the destination disc is the same type as the image file (MBR or GPT) then you should be able to restore the partition.  The one concern is that the destination partition has to be equal to or larger than the size of the partition on the disc.  If the destination partition is on a different machine then you may also need to do a sector by sector restore as well.

    Not sure what has made you so angry, but trying to get software to work the way that you think it should can be frustrating for sure.
  • Once again, I restore to the same disk, partition and size. Nothing has been changed and I´m going to figure out a extremely simple restore process. The only reason why it do not work, one of the 3 important partitions is at the end of the disc. That could explain the "middle" in the error message. View "suggestions overview" there I have place the latest information and snapshots....
  • Still can't create rescue media on CD or DVD.
  • @MrPresident, Did you perform a system restore? or disk restore?
    "the message AOMEI gave me was the same "partition cannot be restored because she is in the middle...." or something like that. "---Could you try to restore again, and  then take a photo of the error message so that we check further?
    And, we release the new version 6.2. Please try to download it from here: http://www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/adb/full/AOMEIBackupperSetup.exe
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    Sorry, I tried to restore a system partition. But it doesn´t matter which partition, any could be restored.... same error message see below

    I think, because partition F: (red marked, belongs to the system) is at the end of the disk, that´s why the message came up. I wait for admin result and if there is no other advice, I will move the partiton on 3rd place behind system C:, backup and restore again....

    I have updated to 6.2 this morning. Nice, but I still wait for much more important features....
  • @MrPresident. Please try to create WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Backupper, and then boot the computer from WinPE to do the restore again.
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    Why you give the user 2 different recovery media, when only WinPE seems to be the only one who might work?
    But anyway, I will create a WinPe bootable media, do a backup and a restore and let you know....
    Strange, that 2 other tools do a perfect and full working backup and restore without any failure/restrictions!!
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