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Surface test

First time on.  Great product.  
Question: I understand that the Surface Test doesn't fix bad sectors but does it mark them as bad and not usable?
Thanks in advance for any replies.  I appreciate your time.
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  • Hello Baseline11,
    The surface test will detect if there are bad sectors on the disk and mark bad sectors as red.
  • Will the disk surface scan test in Aomei's Partition Assistant cause a Solid State Drive (SSD) to automatically mark the memory block as bad and cause the firmware of the drive to map a new memory block to replace the defective block from the over provisioned memory blocks reserved for that purpose?  Or will you have to scan and repair the drive using a system command like CHKDSK /F to initiate the remapping function in the SSD drive? 

    I realize that with a mechanical drive the sector is simply marked as bad and removed from use, but my question is specifically about SSD drives and how they handle bad memory blocks during a surface scan.
  • I should be wrong, when SSD bad blocks will not be handled than HDD bad blocks.... (marked as bad and out of use).
  • A SSD drive has an average of 7% spare memory block capacity that is used for wear leveling as the drive ages.  The spare capacity also allows the SSD drive to swap out defective blocks of memory and replace the defective block by assigning one of the over provisioned memory blocks.  I just can't figure out exactly what triggers the process, but I am assuming that it is the Chkdsk command.
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