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Missing files after disk clone?

Hi! I downloaded the AOMEI free version to copy C-drive to new SSD drive, to be the new bootable windows 10 drive.

So, by reading the online article I found, I went to clone section and selected Disk Clone. The original C-drive has 305GB data. Aomei took some time to do the job, but finally it was ready. When I went to disk properties, I however discovered that It copied only 271Gb.

So what happened to those 34gb of files? Is this drive now safe to boot and how can I copy rest of the files?


  • Hmm....Just an observation.  Did you notice that the new drive is approximately 38GB smaller than the source drive?  I don't know if that is why the used space differs between the two drives or not, but I will check much closer the next time I clone a disk. 
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    Yeah, I don't know. I was able to boot now from that SSD and Windows seem to be working normally. I have no idea what I am missing.
  • You may not be missing anything.  I assume that you have no idea as to how fragmented the original hard drive was before you cloned the disk, but you would have virtually no fragmentation on the new drive.  Now if you had selected the sector by sector option then your used space might be closer between the two drives.
  • Generally, clone will not copy hiberfil.sys, swapfile.sys, pagefile.sys in C: drive. You can check the size of the three files in the original C: drive.
    When you boot from the cloned system, it will re-generate these files.
  • Does clone copy volume shadows?  Those can take many GB.
  • The volume shadows is excluded by Windows VSS. AOMEI Backupper can't clone these items which are excluded by Vss.
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