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AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.9, interface bug.

Right clicking on a partition, then choosing Advanced | Check partition | Check whether there are bad sectors on the partition. This produces a window that has not the right proportions. Part of the interface in that window is not displayed, like the start or cancel button. Interface bug I think. Please could you correct this?
Display resolution 1600x900, custom scale set at 125%. I believe that the scaling setting is causing the problems as the forementioned window seems to be 125% too big. See the attached picture.


  • Hmm....my screen resolution is 2560X1440 and the scale is set at 125% and the display is fine.  On another machine the resolution is 1920X1080 and the scale is also at 125% and the display is fine there too.  So I suspect that the problem is that the Aomei software is not adjusting properly for the non-standard resolution of 1600X900 since both resolutions 1080P HD and 2K display correctly with a custom scale of 125%.

  • @Renehoss, could you try to modify the DPI to 100% to check again? And, How big is the screen size?
    @Vbbritt, the problem is related to DPI, resolution, and screen size. Our computer have not the problem with 1600X900 and 125%. The screen size of our computer is big.
  • @Admin, likewise the screen size for all of my monitors on all of my computers are 27 inches.
  • My screen size is 1600 x 900 and scaling is set to 125%. Advanced settings for correction and fixing of blurry text is set to ON in Windows settings.

    When set to 100% the interface problems with PA are gone.
    But then other program windows appear to be very small and reading is difficult because of small letter size.
    And also letters become very blurry in some programs. So I want to have the scaling set to 125%.

    Problem seems to me that PA scaling is buggy.
    I do not have these scaling problems with Backupper, so why not use the same kind of interface as Backupper? :smiley:
  • @Renehoss, AOMEI Partition Assistant uses a different way to build the interface. We have submitted the problem to our dev team. It will optimize the problem further.
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