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How to create a new partition in command line mode with starting sectors 2048 instead of 63?

Hello AOMEI Supporter,

Thank you for your great tool in manage partition.

When I created a new partition in GUI mode the starting sector is 2048. (the same result when I created with the diskpart)
But when I used the command line mode to create a new partition the starting sector is 63.

My command:
partassist /hd:2 /cre /pri /size:auto /fs:ntfs /act /align /label:myData /letter:F

gdisk info:

How can I create a new partition with starting sector 2048 by the partassist?



  • Hi Niemtin007, 
    Thanks for your feedback. This is a bug of AOMEI Partition Assistant. We will fix it in next version.
    You can currently try to create partitions on GUI,
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