Problems with WinPE USB bootstick Backupper 5.9

The following Problems are concernig both methods of fixing a USB bootstick with the WinPE feature of the main program as well as the separate AOMEI PE Builder 2.0:

1. The produced PE USB does not discover the native screen resolution of the laptop (3000x2000 Huawei Matebook x Pro). As a consequence the displayed program GUI has a size of about 5x4 cm on the screen and to work with it you have to use a good magnifying glas.
2. The klick points "Back" and "Next" in the lower r/h corner of GUI are not available. But when you klick on the estimated approximate positions, the program is reacting correspondingly. May be a cosequence of the extremely low size of GUI.
3.The touch pad of the laptop is not available in WinPE. Only an old cable USB mouse is doing the job (I still found one hidden in the darkest corner of an old storage locker).

All in all the key feature of a backup program, the WinnPE bootstick, is not really working satisfactory.


  • Hi Jace,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. As for the size problem, we have submitted it to our dev team to check and optimize.
    For touch pad, the WinPE of AOMEI Backupper can't integrate the drivers of touch pad automatically. We will optimize it after.
  • Thanks for all!
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