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Errors in a log of Partition Assistant 8.8

Recently I've deleted an old recovery partition (Win 10 x64 2004, first partition) and merged space with the system partition.
It was almost ok, the system booted up, but asked me to scan the disk and found some errors. But after a restart it was all ok, the only file with results (file00000001.chk) was 0 bytes. I looked in the log file (C:\Windows\amlog\ampa0.log) and there were many recurring errors. Here are some of them:

Failed to open:\Device\HarddiskVolume2\boot\bcd
Failed to ZwCreateFile
Failed to GetPartitionNumber
Failed to GetVolumeDevice in MountVolumeDirectly

And here is the whole log file:

Is it normal or something went wrong?

Also the two last operations (from PreOS Mode) is not listed in the log: the moving of the system (largest) partition and merging it with the previously deleted and moved old recovery partition. So is there any log for PreOS Mode?


  • Hi EliiO,
    As for "Failed to..." errors, you can ignore these errors. It is normal.
    And, the log records the operations: Deleting Partition (delete recovery partition), Moving and Resizing Partition (move the deleted recovery partition and resize(add) it to system partition).
  • Hi,
    about errors, ok, got it, thank you.

    About the operations, there should at least 2 more: moving System partition (NTFS 445.96GB), and extending System partition (+ 499 MB). Unfortunately I couldn't find them in the log.
  • Hi EliiO,
    Did you merge the deleted recovery partition to "system" partition or C: drive (boot partition)? Could you take a screenshot of the Partition Assistant so that we check the layout of your disk?
  • Hi
    Yes, the operation was successful, the System partition (it is C:, bootable) was moved and extended.
    And here is the screen:

  • Hi EliiO,
    Are there other logs under C:\Windows\amlog? Such as, ampa1.log.

  • Hello,
    only one file, ampa0.log
  • This is very strange. We have submitted the problem to our technician to test and check further.
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